8 Myths About Sex That You Must Stop Believing In By Now

Aside from the continuation of life, sexual intercourse is beneficial in many other ways. It keeps you healthy and satisfied, which increases your performance everywhere. Mating also keeps the relationship with your partner happy and healthy, and your bond stronger.

Nevertheless, there are some myths associated with this act, which keeps people bound on many levels. Let us find out what those myths are, and try not to believe in them.

  1. Men are always ready for sex!

Judging the entire male community based on a few of them is wrong. If they feel tired, they might not engage in any such activities.

  1. Watching porn is good for sex!

Nope, not really. If you are sexually attracted towards your partner, then you don’t need the help of any third stuff.

  1. No sex during periods!

It is just that, a myth. If both the partners are comfortable then why not? Even some women confessed that sex while periods was more satisfying than the normal one. It depends from couple to couple.

  1. Too much sex a day can affect the sex organs!

Wrong! Regular sex makes the organs habitual. Besides, it is said that as the frequency of indulging in sexual acts increases, the stamina of the body increases too.

  1. All women orgasm after sex!

Not necessarily. It depends completely on the body of the woman in question. At times, masturbation is the only key to good orgasm.

  1. Sex burns a good amount of calories!

According to experts, if your intercourse lasts form thirty minutes then you have burned 85 to 150 calories. However, to lose a pound of weight, 3500 calories should be burned every day.

  1. The duration of intercourse is fixed!

It depends on the participating partners. Maintaining the stamina and mood is important for a couple to last longer.

  1. Having sex in water kills sperms

It is a myth; women do get pregnant even if the intercourse happened in water. It does not kill sperms, wherever they are mating.

For me, 6th was the biggest myth which I had heard the most from most of the people. The clear picture came in front of me today.