Honey Can Help Reduce Diabetes, LDL Cholesterol – Many Benefits of Honey

Since time immemorial it has been known that honey has been used as food and as medicine. It’s packing some incredibly beneficial plant compounds which offer some amazing benefits to our health.

You will truly see the benefits of honey when you use more regularly than you do refined sugars. Why? Well, Honey is actually 100% free of calories.

As you may already know, Honey is made by bees, is a thick yellowish liquid. Bees do this, by collecting the nectar of flowers, and, once that nectar is inside the hive, it gets repeatedly consume over and over again, by regurgitating it and then eating it again, I know, gross, you wouldn’t believe that something so incredibly good and tasty gets done this way.

Honey has no fiber, no fat, and no protein. But it does contain traces amounts of minerals and nutrients. Honey also has bioactive and anti-oxidants properties.

The High-Quality Honey is fully packed with many relevant anti-oxidants, such as Phenols, Flavonoids, Enzymes, and other organic acids. Which is reason alone to always get yourself the best quality brand you can find, and spend some extra money, after all, you can’t put a price on your good health.

The combination of all those anti-oxidants is what makes Honey such a powerful medicine, helping us increase those anti-oxidants values in our blood. And as you may already know, anti-oxidants are great at preventing heart diseases, strokes, and certain types of cancer. Overall, Honey is good for you.

Now, about the following statement, there are some very mixed studies and opinions, in one hand Honey can help us fight off certain risks associated with Diabetes, it lowers LDL cholesterol in our system while raising HDL cholesterol, it also reduces inflammations and triglycerides. And on the other hand, it does increase the levels of sugars in our blood, although not as much as refined sugars do.

So, if you are suffering from either high blood sugar or some form of diabetes, you may want to switch to Honey, but still do so with caution and preferably under your doctor’s advice.

Because of the anti-oxidant combo that makes up the Honey, it has proven to be very effective and lowering that high blood pressure.

Honey has also been proven to be great for improving our healing factor, now, we are not talking about something like Wolverine, but it has been good at healing faster wounds and burns