Watermelon Shrinking of Tumors and Prevent Cancer – Benefits of Watermelon

This is truly one of the most delicious fruits that could possible exists, I mean, have you ever had a nice piece of watermelon? Juicy, sugary, and just delicious.

But, its deliciousness isn’t the only thing watermelon has going for it, not only you are enjoying one of the most unique flavors on fruits, but you are also enjoying a wide array of benefits to your health.

This amazing fruit has only 46 calories per cup high levels of vitamin C, Vitamin A, and many other nutrients.

Surely, drinking water is the best way to keep you and your body hydrated, however, Doctors and Researchers have agreed that combining water with other rich hydrated foods is the absolute best way to always remain well hydrated, even during illnesses that tend to drain fluids out of your body.

In this regard, you won’t find a better source of hydration in food than a Watermelon. Can you believe this behemoth of a fruit is actually 92% water? Well, you better believe it, because it is true.

That is what makes it the best source of hydration found on food. This is also good for your dieting because of fruits and vegetables with high levels of water keeps you full, and then it is all the fiber watermelon offers to your system. When it comes down to the Volume-Calories ratio, you end up winning with a big and nice slice of watermelon.

Another great benefit that has been recently proven by scientists and doctors, is that watermelon contains several compounds that can prevent Cancer.

The most common compound found is Lycopene which has been extensively studied by experts and although it has been linked to having beneficial results is several types of cancer, it is most effective in preventing cancers located in the digestive system.

The other most common compound found in watermelon is cucurbitacin E which have been linked to providing excellent results in the shrinking of tumors and inhibiting its growth.

If fighting cancer isn’t enough to get you hooked on watermelon, then this next benefit will most definitely will, it improves your heart health.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has made Heart Diseases the number one cause of death Worldwide. The many nutrients found on watermelon attack our cholesterol levels and lower’s our blood pressure, which is why is so great to help us prevent heart diseases.