Best ways to surprise your girlfriend  

Every relationship needs surprises and occasional acts of kindness in order to stay alive and interesting. The longer the relationship lasts the easier it gets to get so caught up in your life that you forget to show your love and admiration for your significant other. Planned vacations and trips are great and will bring you closer together, but surprises are there to keep the relationship more dynamic and alive. From a nice dinner to a customized present, anything goes.

The majority of the things listed here work perfectly as an occasional surprise but refrain from repeating it too often as it can get boring and will create unnecessary pressure on your partner.

Even though many wouldn’t agree, we girls are easy and, usually, quite low-maintenance. We don’t need a lot to feel loved and cherished. Flowers, cinema tickets, or a surprise picnic trip are all more than enough to make us fall in love all over again.


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It might seem too obvious, but flowers are always a good gift. Every now and then surprise her with a stunning bouquet of her favorite flowers. If you don’t yet know what her favorite flowers are, then you can just make a combination of the flowers that you can’t go wrong with. Roses, carnations, and daisies are all perfect choices. However, if you’re looking for something truly special and different, Flora Queen can give you some ideas.

A night in or a night out

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Both of these options are good, it all depends on yours and her mood. If you’ve been partying and going out a lot lately, then a night in with a good movie or music, candles, a foamy bath, and a lot of flowers everywhere will be a great surprise. However, if you think your girl hasn’t been going out as much as she’d like lately, then take her out dancing or on a movie. Girls love to dance and there is nothing more interesting and sensual as dancing as a couple. Don’t be shy and put on your dancing shoes!

Hand-made present

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We all love to receive something that was made with love. Getting something hand-made shows us that you aren’t afraid to spend a lot of time creating something you know would make us happy. It shows us that our happiness truly is important to you, so don’t worry about whether we’ll like it or not, if it’s from the heart, we’ll love it!

Home spa day

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Fill the tub for her, buy a nice Lush bath bomb, buy a scented massage oil and scented candles, dim the lights, play nice, relaxing music, and make her feel like a goddess. A long massage and a foot rub will make her feel loved and relaxed.

Be adventurous

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Don’t be afraid to do something crazy! We all get a bit crazy when we’re in love and that’s healthy. Go bungee jumping, sky diving, scuba diving, go skinny dipping, or do something you’ve always talked about doing. Take her someplace unexpected and go wild!