Bangalore: You Should Know, All Women Gang Targeting Elders In Bangalore

A gang of women that offer helping hand to the elder Indian citizens in the BMTC buses and those walking alone on the footpath to rob their valuables are back to action. According to the recent reports, this woman gang targeted an elder woman aged 75 years who visited the bank of NR compartment in Tyagarajnagar.

This fraud group offered a help to this woman and assured her to provide her assistance till she reaches her home. However, on the path the woman aiding this old woman along with two of her companions and looted the gold chain of this elderly woman.

N Vinaya, the victim was reportedly standing in the road of Tyagarajanagar after visiting bank around 9 am. While she was waiting to cross the road, a lady came to her within 30 seconds and offered a helping hand to N Vinaya in crossing the road. After aiding N Vinaya, this fraud woman asked the place she lives in or wants to reach. Vinaya told her that she is going to Tyagarajanagar.

On listening to this, the woman replied that she is going the same way and offered her lift in the rickshaw that was standing on the side. However, there were two ladies already sitting in the same auto and compelled Vinaya to be seated in the middle. This woman had a decent conversation with the Vinaya and she even appreciated and thanked the woman for aiding her.

However, the auto already left when Vinaya observed that her gold chain was not there. Without a delay, Vinaya straight visited the nearby Banashankari police station and reported the complaint. According to the statement given by the son-in-law of Vinaya, the women were aged as approximately 30-38 years and were talking to each other in Tamil.

At the same time, they used the Kannada language to communicate with Vinaya. However, Vinaya was unable to see the face of the auto driver. The gold chain that this fraud woman gang snatched from Vinaya had a weight of 31 gram and had a value of more than 1 lakh.

One of the Banashankari policemen said that these types of several cases have been filed in the same year and this particular woman gang mainly targets the old-aged woman, distract them and steal their valuable cleverly.

They further mentioned that this gang has snatched the jewellery of various elderly women across the city. One such case was filed by a 65-year-old woman Lakshmidevamma against the similar gang. She was travelling alone on a bus and three women sitting beside her took off her two gold chains that weighed more than 55 grams.

This case is managed by Subramanyapura police. Apart from this city, the similar cases are filed in Bengaluru and other cities of Karnataka. In the same week, this gang of women reached a jewellery shop and robbed the jewellery weighing about 185 grams.