Bangalore: Deadliest Traffic Bottlenecks In Bengaluru

The Silicon Valley of India, the city of Bengaluru with the rise in development of economy, IT as well as infrastructure has also seen a rise in almost every other incidental element and one of them being is the growing number of vehicles plying on the roads every day. The lack of an efficient public transport along with ill devised street layouts adds up to the ingredient of a traffic nightmare for the everyday commuter and travelers alike here in the city.

And such is the situation that around 1.18 crore of citizens lose 60 hours annually, per hour 2.8 lakh liters of fuel is wasted due to the traffic logjams in several locations of the city. It is a congested city indeed where people spend countless hours on the roads which is affecting progress resulting in enormous financial losses which sums up to nearly Rs. 3,700 crores per annum.

• The Ramanamaharshi Road – The Ramanamaharshi road stretching from Mekhri Circle to Windsor Manor Junction takes about 10 minutes just to go through this 1 KM path.

• Outer Ring Road between Silk Board Junction and Jayadeva Hospital flyover – There are 6 flyovers in this route and the whole traffic of the city from the northern and eastern areas meet up at this junction where heavy traffic is experienced due to a 4 lane road.

• KR Puram, ITPL and Marathahalli – Heavy number of buses travel towards these locations where the path underneath the bridge adjacent to the railway station is thin while existing roads cannot take up high traffic added with pedestrians crossing on the street below the bridge creates severe traffic jams.

• Nagawara junction – Public transport buses are one of the major factors for traffic congestions here, which also faces obstructions during rainy seasons.

• Bannerghatta Road – The bad traffic is mainly caused due to professionals plying through these areas towards IT companies causing and along with it comes around three marriage venues which nearly halt traffic to nil during ongoing functions.

• Hebbal Flyover – An immense quantity of traffic hits the flyover from NH-7 and being a 4 lane road it is not adequate to facilitate smooth flow of traffic when the traffic comes for 6 lane roads.

• Hudson Circle – This is a very focal point of traffic junction which affects the whole city for this is the location where the traffic from the entire city meets up and traffic stoppage here for an hour results in traffic jams across the city.

• Silk Board Junction – The traffic jams in this location are notorious and is pretty well known to be the busiest junction in the city, such is the condition that it has been listed in the seventh worst hit traffic areas in the country. The average speed at which the traffic moves here is a mere 9 KM an hour.