Bangalore: Should It Be Startups Job To Solve Bangalore Traffic Problems?

In Bengaluru, startups and entrepreneurs are focusing up on rather unique problem far away from corporate success or financial targets. These startups have ideally chosen to venture upon effective solutions for creating a smoother traffic condition in the city. The serious traffic congestion not only hampers a steady flow of traffic, but also an immense pollution and wastage of non-renewable resources. From small and humble beginnings comes a startup line named EnterZipgo that provides AC shuttle bus services in more than fifty locations.

Gateways like have provided room for adjustment to the daily traveler as well as commuters to rent bikes in the city on a daily and monthly routine which can also play dual role in solving traffic congestions plus pollution concerns. Bike taxi startups like Baxi also aim to take initiatives in the city for a smoother traffic situation. Another startup called BYKUP attempts to connect bikers and riders through specific routes along with other startups like Rapido as well as Baxi is doing the same.

Recently, a convention organized by TiE Bengaluru had over thirty bodies, including firms focusing on technology, new startups, vehicle companies as well as Non-Profit organizations who were part of the meet aiming to collaborate and solve the traffic issues of the city. NUMA is a full service operation hub that operates globally focusing on providing solutions through advanced and digital means which also has an arm in its Bengaluru office.

Being the tech savvy city that Bengaluru is and the potential for exploitation through IT already being used in many sectors for providing civic solutions, the meet up aimed to provide innovative solutions for traffic congestions in an advanced manner seemed like a feasible attempt.  The meeting aimed to focus on the following spheres:

  • Collection of data – An organized way of data collection from vehicles by State authorities promises solution in an effective manner.
  • The importance of Accelerators – Focusing on a liberal approach and innovation across several facets it was felt that accelerator programs had to work with many corporate entities for single startups rather than relying upon few corporate with numerous startups.   
  • Business to Business offerings – The meeting had unsettled opinions on services shared by B2B companies such as car pooling or other forms of shared transport as against government services in terms of the same as well as important schemes and achieving them.
  • Information and data – That Startups should consider expanding informational data about travel time and costs while making attempts to decrease pollution levels if not increase them. Such data can save fuel, reduce pollution as well as encourage different modes of energy.
  • Penetration of information at public level – Reaching of vital information to Government bodies about the things needed to be changed is of utmost importance.