Atkins Diet User Review, Plan and Risks

The famous promises of the Atkins diet are that a person will not only lose weight, they will also be on the path to better heart health and memory function, as well as some other wellness benefits. What is the main characteristic of this diet? Well, the diet is based on the theory that overweight people eat too many carbohydrates. However, nothing lasts forever and various factors have led to its decreasing success,

For years, the Atkins Diet is famous among people who want to lose weight. The method proposed by the diet consists in its first stages, in restricting the consumption of carbohydrates and consuming greater amounts of proteins and fats. Thus, providing a low-carbohydrate diet is the norm of this diet that augurs good results to lose weight.

However, on account of the controversial proposal offered by the Atkins Diet, conflicting opinions have emerged among the specialists. Here we will show you what are the benefits and risks of the Atkins Diet.

Atkins Diet Characteristics

The goal of the Atkins diet is to change your eating habits to help you lose weight and not get it back. What is recommended under this technique is to eat in a balance established carbohydrates, proteins and natural fats, contrary to the typical American diets.

The Atkins Diet is divided into 3 phases: the first of induction then comes the permanent weight loss and the last one that seeks to maintain your weight for life. Even one of the recommendations of the method is to take this type of eating habits for life, otherwise, the Atkins Diet will not have the results you expect.


According to some experts, this eating plan can prevent or improve the serious conditions of the metabolic syndrome, diabetes or hypertension.

  • Weight loss is fast.
  • Healthy habits will be regulated because this diet is for life.
  • Contrary to other techniques, the Atkins diet produces satiety due to the high consumption of proteins.
  • The amount of food allowed is very broad.
  • There is no consumption limit for allowed foods.


As part of the risks of the Atkins diet, the following side effects may occur a headache, dizziness, weakness, fatigue or constipation during the initial phase.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not eligible to start the Atkins Diet. So you must be aware of your status before starting.

For some experts, the medical data that support the Atkins Diet is not clear, which translates into a risky practice.

Because of their freedom in the consumption of high cholesterol fats, it is likely that in certain organisms increase the chances of heart disease.

The Atkins Diet can increase kidney function and long-term brings important consequences in the body.

For experts, the body needs about 150 grams of carbohydrates a day and the Atkins Diet can interrupt that goal and its normal metabolic activity.

As you can see, the debate about the benefits and risks of the Atkins diet is still open. What we can recommend with regard to the Atkins Diet is that already informed about the topic, consult your specialist and listen to his suggestion. He who knows your medical history and you who have informed you of the pros cons of this type of diet can make, together, decisions about it. Do not forget that each organism is different.