What Wounds Are Treated With Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

HBOT is recommended for traumatic wounds, crush injuries, compartment syndrome, damaged skin grafts and flaps, thermal burns, and infected wounds such as clostridial myonecrosis, necrotizing soft tissue infections, and Fournier’s gangrene. These are some of the significant wounds that can be treated. Radiation-induced wounds, particularly osteoradionecrosis of the mandible, radiation cystitis, and radiation proctitis represent a significant area of use for HBOT. You might not be too familiar with all the terms and names of the wounds, but they are some of the problems that can be cured.

With more sources being available nationwide and more studies demonstrating the advantages of adjunctive therapy for various wound types and other reasons, HBOT should be taken into account in these circumstances as a crucial component of the treating surgeon’s overall management approach. Many new experiments are taking place, which is increasing the usage of HBOT.

Some Of The Benefits Of HBOT To Help You Out In The Future

Let’s check out some of the essential benefits you must know about the HBOT so that it can be easier for you to depend upon the therapy and know what advantages you will get in the future. If you are in search of one such source that can help you with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, you can check out oxyhelp.com and know more about it in detail.


HBOT inhibits inflammatory pathways in the near term and tightens blood vessels to prevent fluid leaking, which reduces edema. Tightening the blood vessels is one of the hardest things to achieve in a short time, and HBOT has the potential to help you out with it. Over time, HBOT has epigenetic effects that turn off the genes that cause inflammation. They work effectively to ensure that there is no inflammation.

A major reason why our bodies deteriorate over time is inflammation. If that is controlled, then it will be easier for an individual to achieve the desired immune system. Other things help decrease swelling and inflammation, boost the immune system and improve mitochondrial function.

Source: christianacare.org

Play A Crucial Part In The Treatment Of Cancer

Treating cancer is not easy; many doctors claim there are very few resources that can cure a disease like this. Radiation and chemotherapy are frequently used in cancer therapies. There is proof that HBOT therapies may stop some cancers from growing.

There are many studies that have proven that HBOT contains some components that can help to prevent cancer from growing more. HBOT may also help your body recover from radiation therapy and lessen the adverse effects of chemotherapy. People suffering from cancer know that chemotherapy has some negative impacts that can take a long time to get cured, and this is why HBOT is recommended because it can do wonders for the cancer patient.


HBOT increases the amount of oxygen delivered into the bloodstream, allowing for more excellent oxygen absorption deep into the body’s tissues, including the lymphatic system and the cerebrospinal fluid encasing the brain and spinal cord. It ensures that the system gets a sufficient amount of oxygen, helps the body stay fit, and has the required amount for the whole circulation.

In order to oxygenate cells and tissue that are at risk of dying (such as tissue damaged during surgery or from a loss of blood flow) or that are in a quiescent or non-functioning state, this reverses hypoxia (areas of the body that are low in oxygen). It plays a massive role in the blood flow, and as oxygen is required at the time of blood flow, HBOT is recommended to ensure everything falls into place.

Source: healthline.com

Helps To Stop An Air Embolism

It might be possible that you are not familiar with this term. In the event that gas “bubbles” reach the bloodstream, unpleasant symptoms like decompression sickness or stroke may follow (also known as the bends). This is not a common problem, but when it happens, it might cause a little trouble in the system, and HBOT is used.

It holds properties that can help you out in curing it. Recent studies have found that HBOT significantly improved the outcomes of patients with arterial air embolism, which is a relief for embolism patients.


Neovascularization is the process by which new blood vessels naturally develop. It is mainly by the formation of new cells. On apparently healthy tissue, inadequate blood flow can have severe repercussions. It might make it hard for an individual to survive.

Radiation therapy, diabetes, untreated chronic wounds, and recent damage are just a few illnesses that can deplete healthy blood and oxygen supply tissue. HBOT directly promotes the growth of new capillaries, which aid in delivering more blood and oxygen to needy tissues. Formation of the new cells makes HBOT an essential aspect to ensure that your body works well and can help you live a fit life.

Source: o2healthlab.com

Combating Bacterial And Fungal Infections

HBOT can be used to treat bacterial and fungal illnesses, including Lyme disease. When these organisms are exposed to the high-oxygen atmosphere of an HBOT chamber, they can be destroyed. Fungal problems are one of the most common but need to have really good treatment; for that, HBOT is used and recommended to new people.

Assistance With Athletic Recuperation And Performance

You might not know this already, but many athletes and other sports people take the help of HBOT to ensure that their performances are in place. It helps a lot and ensures that it can become more accessible for the athlete to recover soon and get nutrition.

You might not already know this, but LeBron James and other professional sportspeople use HBOT as a performance enhancer and rehabilitation tool. It is what the data and sources say, and the doctors also recommend it. Many prominent HBOT therapists provide suitable therapies to assist athletes of all skill levels in performing to their absolute best.

Bottom Line

HBOT is now being used for so many things, which is why people are considering getting the HBOT to easily ensure that they can see expected results in the future. This will work for you as a guide and help you out in the future.