Why is mother’s day celebrated? History and Beginning Of Mothers Day

Aw, Mother’s Day, this is the day we celebrate mothers and motherhood all around the globe, with a few exceptions of course, while the majority of the countries do celebrate this important day on the second Sunday of May, many others across the Globe do it in different days.

For example, Norway celebrates it on the second Sunday of February, Georgia does it the March the third, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Russia, and Vietnam celebrate Other’s Day alongside the International Women’s Day on March 8th, Ireland, Great Britain, and Nigeria celebrate it on the Fourth Sunday in Lent, known as the Mothering Sunday, the spring equinox is the date chosen by Lebanon, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Egypt and Iraq to celebrate mother’s day which is March the 21st, Spain chooses the first Sunday of may while South Korea celebrates it annually on May the 8th which is known as “Parents’ Day”, Mexico does it on the May the 10th, May fifteen for Paraguay, May 22nd in Israel, and most noticeably the Argentinian Mother’s Day occur on the third Sunday of October.

But, even though all the countries of the World choose a different day to celebrate this highly important date one thing remains unchanged and that is the commemoration of the cornerstone of any society, motherhood.

Those Women to which we owe our lives to and even though we have to celebrate them practically year round’ and be thankful to have them in our lives and if we don’t then remember then and their teachings in every aspect of our lives.

Now, ever since we are capable of making memories, every year we have been celebrating this day, and praising all those motherly figures in our lives, stepmothers, mothers-in-law, grandmothers, mothers, foster mother, adopted mother, practically, any women that in one point or another in our lives became a mother figure for us.

We give them cards, we gather as a family, we go out for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, we cook at home, or go to a cafe, we send presents, jewelry, chocolate box, clothes, or simply we go out for a walk in the city in a park, it doesn’t matter what we do, as long as we celebrate them in their day.

But, surely, often you have wondered just why we do this, why is there a “Mother’s Day” in the first place, well, the date goes back to ancient Greeks where they used to honor Rhea, the mother of all Gods, with celebrations during the spring. Then there is also the Mothering Sunday on the United Kingdom. In modern history, the celebration of mother’s day can be attributed to Anne Jarvis and Julia Ward Howe who proposed that Mother’s Day should be an annual celebration, and they both kept on sponsoring this notion till the day they died and by them, Mother’s day was an International Celebration.

Although consumerism has taken over the holiday, it has remained the same over the centuries, with families gathering around their mother figures and celebrating them as they deserve.