Wife and Husband Jumps Off Nandi Hills, Bangalore – Suicide or Murder?

A 53 year old man has a free fall from the from a cliff during his visit to Nandi hills. He had come along with his wife to pay a visit to their relatives. His wife was 50 years old. The name of the man was M Kumar and he is a contract manager, his wife was named J Sunita.

They had reached their relative’s house by the break of afternoon and on Tuesday evening at 6:30 PM all of them decided to visit Nandi Hills, which is at a distance of 60 KMs from Bangalore.

They faced no problem while driving to Nandi Hills. The problem originally began when Kumar’s wife was trying to retrieve her slipper which opened from her feet, and while doing so she slipped off the cliff and fell down 350 metres below. He tried to pull her over while she was falling off but he too ended up slipping and falling off, when he got stuck in between two huge masses of rocks at a height of 50 mts fall from the top.

The woman had been confirmed as dead and her body was found 350 mts from the top, after 21 hours of the accidental case. The husband had sustained various head injuries with his head broken and he regained consciousness after hours of the accident at 10 PM and tried quite hard and moved out of the two rocks he fell in between. He walked into a suburb and then to the a road through which he reached his hotel of stay, named as Mayura hotel. He walked his way through the suburb. He went briskly and informed the hotel staff, who again made the Nandi outpost alert about the incident. They started the search at about 11 PM after the information was provided and brought drone camera from Chikkaballapur. The camera spotted the dead body of J Sunita, near Muneshwara temple about 350 mts from the top.

The police has driven away the wrong judgements by saying that the nose of the man had broken, and the head injuries are evidences that support the idea of him not killing the wife and give more certainty to his verdict.

M Kumar and J Sunita visited Nandi hills in the evening and at 6:50 PM both of them decided to leave for their hotel. When the deceased J Sunita decided to get up one of her slipper was falling over, when she bent over to get her slipper, but instead she slipped off and started screaming while she fell off. The husband tried to hold her wrist and tried to pull her, when even M Kumar lost his balance and fell off in the adjacent cliff near the Muneshwara temple. Only after 21 hours of the accident her body was found and M Kumar was informed of her death.