Wholefoods Weekly Flyers, Best Deals and Sales For May

Fell like it is the time for a good, nutritious and healthy food, so it is the moment to pay a visit to Wholefoods Market. The store has great offer in different sorts of food like:

  • Beef skirt Steak, excellent companion of most flavorful fajitas and stir-fries is available a 1.99 dollar for 100 grams with a 60₵ saving from the marked price.
  • Fresh Pacific Rockfish Fillets are just at $1.29 every 100 grams. A 48% saving is guaranteed when buying this product.
  • Nothing more delicious than ribs, there is a good offer of 100 grams for just $1.69 with a 30₵ saving.
  • Made in the USA or Mexico, organic strawberries are offered at $4.99 each pound for eating it or for companion of some salads.
  • A good Chicken Quesadilla meal can be enjoyed for just $8.99 saving $2 on the price originally established.
  • Some dessert would be a good idea after a delicious meal, and a 8-inch Blueberry Rhubard Pie is in the list for just $7.99 from a regular price of $9.99
  • Some cheese to try, get the 12-month Montego Cheese for $4.99 every 100 grams. 23% saving from the regular price of $6.49.
  • Green Products from Amazing Grass have a 25% off from the diverse regular prices each item has.
  • Muffins from Garden Lites with a weight of 227 grams are offered at $4.99 each one, saving $3 from the regular price.
  • Mediterranée Yogurt by Liberté in a 500 grams presentation can be taken home for just $5 a pair, saving $2.78 at buying them.
  • From Brag Live Foods, take home 2 bottles of Apple Cider Drinks, contain in a 473ml bottle, for a price of $5.
  • Two bags of 125 grams of Popcorn from Skinny Pop can be bought for just $7 the pair.
  • Drink some Organic Coconut Milk from Cha’s Organic at just $6 for two bottles of 400ml.
  • 426 grams presentation of Quinoa produced by Elan is a $5.99 each.
  • Just $4 to refresh with Almond Breeze, acquiring two jugs of 946ml, obtaining a $2.78 off.
  • Continue refreshing by drinking Mountain Spring Water by Happy Water with a price of $3 for 2 liters of the precious liquid.
  • A 25% off from different regular prices can be obtained when buying Organyc’s Feminine Care products.

All offers are valid from May 2nd until May 5th. Check store availability and coupons on the website according to the dwelling location.