Where to buy Huawei P20 pro in US and Canada Price and Availability

The Huawei P20 pro phone is one of the best Android models, given it’s triple rear camera setup. It is one of the best smartphones available in the market. Since Huawei is not giving away the models of the same directly in the US it might be a little difficult in terms of buying than it will be in Canada.

It has also been reported that this phone will not be made available to the army and military forces and base camps in US. Either ways, let’s get started with how to procure the Huawei P20 Pro at the possible minimal cost in the US and Canada, respectively.

How to avail the Huawei P20 in United States  

The phone model is available for pre sale or pre launch buying on e- bay. Many individual persons are selling off the phone at a reasonable cost of $883. Though the phone is not cheap, but it is value for money and is also not being sold officially in the country, hence this model demands such a high selling price.

The two prominent sellers on eBay are namely:- never- msrp and sobeonline1. Lots of reviews have been shared online and the review reports show that it is a bit expensive including the cost for shipment. Sobeonline1 also takes 15℅ for restocking the phones.

Availability status of Huawei P20 in Canada

Now for where you can buy the Huawei P20 pro in Canada, it is a lot more easier and cheaper in Canada. The major reason for its cheap prices in Canada is that it has been officially launched there. Huawei P20 pro and P20 premium both are found at good deals at both Rogers and Fido. The offer at Rogers is better than that for Fido. The price goes down by $ 249 on buying the regular model or the pro. Thus, you get the phone at $750, which is originally rated at $999. To make the offer a worthwhile one, they are also giving away a Huawei Media Tab T3 on buying any of the two phones on a basis of 2 year select plan.

Knowing that the price of the Huawei Media Tab T3 is $ 329, this deal is definitely not a bad deal at all. Now to talk about the availability at Fido, the specifications, the availability and the offer is the same, but the negativity of this offer is that there is no Huawei Tab T3 free with either of the two phones. Thus, it will be a wiser decision to get both the Huawei P20 Pro or the Huawei P20 regular phone along with  the Huawei Tab T3 at the price of one.