Wardrobe design: How to choose the right one for your bedroom

Minimalist, Nordic or Shabby? What is the design that fits well with your space needs and your lifestyle? Here we are with some tips for you about how to choose the right wardrobe design for your modern or classic night zone, according to three top trends of the last years. Find out more on this website.

Modern Wardrobe for minimalist bedroom design

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When you enter in a minimalist bedroom, the first impression is that of extreme order and cleanliness all around you. It seems like something is missing in the space even if all the pieces of a classic bedroom are there, in front of your eyes. Materials and colors highlight this feeling because minimalist furniture is made with glass and metals instead of the classic wood.

If a minimalist design is your style, you are probably one of those that practice the less is more philosophy so, you will not be surrounded by dozens of shoes and dresses. Your wardrobe will store the right number of pieces, those that you wear every day and not once in a time! Choosing the right wardrobe design is very important if you want to arrange your night zone according to the minimalist style and don’t make mistakes.

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What makes the difference between other styles is the design of the doors. They must be simple and smooth, without any visible handle. Handles must be perfectly blended in the door. For example, the handle can be an inlaid geometric element of the same color as the door. Both sliding and leaf doors are admitted.

If your night area is very spacious, you can also choose the wall-mounted wardrobe fitted with the ceiling. It will have the appearance of a wall itself.

Wooden Open Wardrobe for a Nordic-style night zone

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The Nordic style, also called Scandinavian, is one of the most interesting trends of the last years about interior design. If you like sharp lines, simplicity and minimalism but you want to design a more welcoming and cozy night space, this is a design that fits with your needs.

Solid wood is the main element of the Nordic furnishings. Oak is the most widely used wood type. This wardrobe design has no doors and all the racks and shelves are visible. Details are usually made in metal.

This is the right solution for you if you have a capsule wardrobe and a little space where to arrange the night zone. It can also host bags and shoes in the top or the bottom. With the open wardrobe, you also want to pay attention to the pegs you are using, as well as the hangers. They need to be stylish and decorative, but also firm and lasting. For example, Pegs for Life has a wide range pegs that will be perfect for a setting such as this.

Classic Wardrobe for a shabby chic style bedroom

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At least, there is a timeless classic style that fits very well with the country mood. It is the shabby chic design bedroom.

All the pieces are made of wool, or metal, sometimes. What is important to know is that this furniture must show “the signs of the time”. Cuts and imperfection make the pieces look more antique. Decorations, such as flowers or other pastoral elements, are admitted as the pastel colors, too.

Usually, the wardrobe is not too large, not too tall and it has the leaf doors. It is a very classic wardrobe design and what makes the difference with the Minimalist and the Nordic ones is that it cannot be customized in the internal parts so you should choose it very carefully according with your space needs.