New To Bangalore? Here Are The Common Scams You Need to Know

Bengaluru is a hub for newcomers and freshers who come here in a hope of getting a job or exploring different career opportunities or living their own dreams! But, the city has different scams that especially the newcomers need to be aware of. In the last few years, Bengaluru has faced different scams. Let’s find out different scams that have actually happened in this city which a newcomer needs to be aware of! As these scams are effective in a negative way, you should be careful while living in Bengaluru.

About Bengaluru’s auto scam: The auto drivers in Bengaluru takes advantage of the newcomers as they fail to speak the local language and demand more amount of money from them! If a newcomer steps into an auto in Bengaluru, he or she has to pay at least 200 Rs for riding the auto. Instead of charging the auto fare through meters, the Bengaluru auto drivers charge almost double amount of fare from the newcomers. As an excuse, they will say that the road is one way or they are going through the longest route or it’s too late.

The only solution is to use bus transportation services in Bengaluru or hire a prepaid auto from some specific auto stands or Cab apps. Otherwise, if you know the route, you need to know how to bargain well.

About Bengaluru’s job scam:

As most of the newcomers in Bengaluru come for getting a job, they need to know about the job scams that have previously happened in the city. It might happen that someone calls you directly and asks you to come for an interview at a specific office address or ask you for a telephonic interview round in order to get a good position to a prestigious IT firm or a Startup company. Don’t get into these types of traps as they will charge an excessive amount of money for it for a nominal fee and then they will not even recruit you! By the time, you will realize that you neither have the job nor the money!

About Bengaluru’s experience certificate scam:

A very common scam that most newcomers get trapped into is the fake “experience certificate” scam. As Bangalore is one of the core areas in India for Job seekers, many come here in order to get an experience certificate in order to apply to different reputed MNC companies which need a minimum one year’s experience. These are many fraud organizations in Bengaluru that offer fake “experience certificate” in exchange for a huge amount of money! So, don’t trust such organizations unless you have an absolutely strong backup for the loss.

About Bengaluru’s education scam:

In Bangalore, most number of graduates in different fields passes out each and every year. Some of them have faced educational fraud as they have lost a good amount of money which they have paid as education fees without any paper receipt. However, you need to be careful if you are coming to Bengaluru for pursuing your graduation from a college in here.