Revolutionary and Amazing Features Of Google Android P

Google’s Android P is here to make your smart phone experience more organized and smoother than ever before. The Android P beta is available for download on Google’s Pixel devices along with other few flagship models from makers such as Nokia, OnePlus, Sony and a range of other selected brands. With around 2 billion Android users, it is the largest mobile operating system.

Hence, Google felt a need to address the concerns of the Android universe. Here we highlight some of the Android P features which will make a world of difference to smart phone technology.

App actions – This will help in app usage prediction aiding the user in using multiple app service while using one course of action through an app. For example, when using Google Maps along with suggesting routes on maps. It will also the recommend songs that you would like to listen while travelling to your destination.

Adaptive Battery – With adaptive battery usage it will make your phone’s battery performance smarter by using the precise amount of battery power for the specific apps you use. The learning capability of phones for efficient battery usage leads to an increased as well as higher battery life.

Wellness theme – The new OS implements the wellness factor in context of mobile phone usage. It will analyze the usage of the phone, the number of times the phone has been unlocked and usage of Gmail as well as YouTube. The Shush gesture enables the Do Not Disturb mode which you activate it by simply putting the phone facing down. This will help mute notifications and calls while at the same time choosing preferred contacts which will not be temporarily ignored while this mode is on. There is also an app limit usage indicator which will notify you if you have exceeded the marked limit.

Up-to-date Apps – The Android P will help notify the user of any updated apps that are being installed which does not use a recent SDK targeting Android 4.2 or later.

Wind down mode – This mode enables you to set the time you wish to retire for the night that sets the do not disturb mode on at the specific time you chose which slowly turn the screen monochrome.

Shortcut for Silent mode – The user by pressing the volume up button and the power button can turn the ringer off unlike the previous version of Android where it only used to decrease or increase the media volume.

Adaptive Brightness – The OS will track the brightness settings throughout the day and applies the brightness levels in a dynamic way without you having to do it manually.