Veganizing Your Burger King Meal: Tips and Tricks for Customizing Your Order

If you have been eating plant-based or have recently chosen to convert to one, stepping out of the home to satisfy your cravings is another task. But, thanks to considerable food outlets like Burger King, you have many things to try without hampering your vegan choices.

Now, for those who have no clue where this is coming from, you are missing out on the recent Twitter trends. If you are not on Twitter, you will be happy to discover that Burger King Vegan has just been dropped.

Woah! It does sound like some craving calls.

Half a century into the burger business, this brand of burgers has been subject to people’s guilty pleasure in the best way. Also, it has witnessed conversations with so much gossip, debates, and point of view, followed by business ideas and other kinds of discussion. The brand has fulfilled its responsibility towards its vegan customers and added a huge variety for others to try.

But this is not the first time the burger brand has done something of this sort. Did you know that in the US, where maximum people like to satisfy their non-vegetarian and seafood buds, the burger brand is hitting the headlines because of its Burger King Veggie Burger?

On top of it, you have the option of ordering it dairy-free. Also, if you are a vegan and french fries are your soul food, you can also get the vegan option here. In any case, they use vegetable oil to fry these little mouth water; hence, they are vegan for all!

But, you should see that they share a fryer with other non-vegan food items; hence, if you have a cross-contamination doubt, it’s better to skip the option. But it would help if you asked, as some outlets might help you eat the best vegan fries. You are good to go if you are fine with the fryer use. If that’s not enough, you can also take the french toast sticks.

If you are excited, you should brace yourselves as they have so many things in store for you. But, you have to wait as the yummy vegan food items make it to the market and, of course, the menu list of the Burger King outlets.

What’s New on the Vegan List?


If you want to explore the newly launched vegan list, you should see the following: a plan to binge-watch something amazing as you can’t resist ordering it.

  • The vegan royale is a plan-based chicken-style patty which is a treat including the vegan mayo and lettuce. All this is packed in a sesame seed bun, and there’s no chance that you won’t like it.
  • The next one is the vegan bean burger which includes a fried vegetable patty and other things like tomatoes, lettuce, and vegan mayo. The menu is not complete without the mighty mayo, for sure. It is served in a sesame bun.
  • The menu includes plant-based whopper, but you must consider the cross-contamination issue, which can happen with milk and eggs. You should be aware of it and cater to the requirements beforehand.

If you finish the burgers, let’s discuss the vegan sides, including the fries and onion rings. But Burger King knows its responsibility and has stated that these rings are cooked in the same oil as other products. So, it can be a miss for your vegan self.

Helpful Hints for Placing the Perfect Vegan Option

So, if you are amongst those who have just got your hands on this piece of tasty information, you might need some help placing the perfect vegan meal order. Here are some ways that can help you ensure the same:

Browsing the Website


So, the first step has to be the obvious one. But it would help if you glanced at the website and its menu carefully; otherwise, it will damage your experience and taste buds. So, you must see the whole menu and mark your vegan options before making the final order. Also, you have to be specific about the location as all restaurant outlets might not have the same options on the menu list to offer to you.

Ordering the Impossible Whopper

The whopper order may feel like the biggest effort on the menu. The first thing that you need to cater to while ordering this is that you should request a plant-based patty. Also, you can ask if they can cook the patty on a meat-free surface. You may or may not get the whole thing, but you can try if you hit the jackpot.

Salads Are All Things Love


A green side salad will only benefit your skin, hair, and health. You can get one made which is full of fresh greens. You can try to avoid that cheese portion, though! It is the perfect alternative to ditch the vegan burger calories. You can get the golden Italian and Balsamic dressing to treat your mouth with good flavors.

The Breakfast Options and Availability

Here’s another breaker for you. Apart from the basic burger options, Burger King wishes to serve you the best vegan food since the morning itself. You will love the breakfast menu, and probably, it’s the best time to buy from here. But, you must leave your procrastination and laziness behind as this menu is served till 10:30 am only.

Let’s see what all sums up to become the tasty breakfast vegan menu.

The first option is the French toast sticks that can make you feel full. The menu includes hash browns followed by an additional oatmeal order. You need not worry as it is made with water. Also, you can add the maple syrup and the impossible whopper without the mayo, though!

You have the option of combining it with an ice-cold OJ, and that’s where your breakfast buffet comes to an end.



If you wish to order the newly launched vegan menu that Burger King has rolled, you have to do some tweaks about your liking, the specifications, and some searching before finalizing it. But that’s all as the menu is simple and you’ll love the efforts that have been put in for you. So, what are you waiting for?

You should open the website or visit the outlet as soon as possible.