Home Remedy and Herbal Teas for Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

Herbs have strong healing properties that help treating different kinds of illnesses from common cold to severe infections. These properties have also been proven since herbs have been used to treat many infections for its potential in healing. Since ancient times, civilizations have used herbs to fight health problems. Also, herbal tea is a great help for treating urinary tract infections.

Urinary tract infections are also known as UTI and they said to be the second most common kind of infection. UTI are commonly known to cause agony and great uneasiness in people who unfortunately suffer from it. Some types of UTI can be healed by the body itself within days; however there are cases when an antibiotics treatment is necessary. For more severe scenarios, UTI have resulted in kidney failure and even blood poisoning. This happens when people neglect on having an antibiotics treatment.

Studies from National Kidneys Foundation claims that 1 every 5 women experiences this illness at least once during their life. Women are more likely to get infections than men, according to National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidneys Diseases. This is due to the fact that women have shorter urethra than men, this allows bacteria that cause UTI to pass through it more easily and get to the bladder.

Urinary tract infections are not only caused by microbes, but also from viruses and fungi. And to help treat them, a lot of recipes for teas are given. Here, we will name the most commonly recommended among them.

Marshmallow Root Tea

Its function is to control bacterial boom. It has detoxing properties that helps to clear the bladder as well as the urinary tract irritation. It is also, very useful for reducing and eventually, controlling bleeding.

Just put inside marshmallow root tea. Do this by weighing down one or two tablespoons of marshmallow root and then put small cheesecloth around it. Get it properly packed. After putting this pouch inside a mug, you can pour hot water in the mug. Let it still for about 10 minutes.

You can add honey or sugar, depending on your taste then, drink. For better results, it is recommended to drink it two or three times a day.

Dandelion and Horsetail Tea

Horsetail is used to fix the damaged epithelial tissues since it contains a compound known as tannin. Furthermore, horsetail helps initiating the creation of urine which clears the microscopic organism and poisons from the urinary tract.

While dandelion works as a diuretic that keep up the working of the kidneys and the bladder.

Prepare dandelion and horsetail tea by taking one teaspoon of dandelion and one teaspoon of horsetail in a mug. After pouring some hot water in the mug and waiting for ten minutes, you might proceed to sweeten your tea as you prefer. Drink at least twice a day for better results.

These are very health beneficial teas that will certainly help you in the treatment of Urinary Tract Infections that can be very harmful and uncomfortable.