Check Out Top Unique Dining Experience In Bangalore and Elsewhere

There are places that people really like to visit so they can have a different time having extraordinary experiences. However, the problem is that sometimes, these places are somewhat far from the city or take too much time to travel to them. In addition, if you are looking to have incredible experiences that are different for the everyday routine, there are some amazing options that come in the form of theme restaurants. Here we give you some great choices so you can enjoy amazing experiences without having to travel too far.


            This is a great theme Restaurant that portraits an amazing African rain forest. Its specialty is Cheese olive naan. Serengeti is located on the top-most floor of Total Mall.

Cable Car

            It performs a veritable homage to the city of San Francisco of the United States of America. One of its charming details is an accurate design of a blue cable car that gives a beautiful effect to the dining atmosphere of this incredible restaurant. You can also feel the life of the American city by seeing the pictures of the different places in San Francisco that are put on the walls. The Italian Salad is a must-try and it is located in Jayanagar in Bangalore.

Sahib Sindh Sultan

This is an astonishing restaurant that performs a beautiful railway station taken right out of India’s imperial past. The dining space was created as real train compartments. It has lamps from the British era as well as staff attired like ticket collectors which helps get immerse in this theme. You cannot miss trying the Railway mutton curry. The Sahib Sindh Sultan is located on the 2nd floor of the forum mall in Koromangala.

Firangi Paani

            This restaurant was designed having in mind the British pubs. The leather upholstered chairs, antiques from England are only part of the décor that makes you feel as if you were transported to England. This is also enhanced by the delicious food that seemed to be directly transported from Great Britain. It’s on the second floor of the Forum Mall in Koramangala.

The Black Pearl

            If you are thinking of the ship from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”, you have made the right guess. This amazing restaurant performs bar stools and chairs that have backs shaped like very realistic human rib cages. It is a great opportunity to experience the tasty pirate dishes that the Black Pearl offers such as lemon ginger prawns. It’s also located in Koramangala.

The Rock

            This restaurant’s theme is cartoonish with a lot of replicas of cute animals like butterflies and birds that surround you. The beautiful sound of birds chirping helps you feel deeper into the environment of the restaurant. Make sure to try the shanghai Wrap. It’s located in Indiranagar.


            It has a Middle Eastern Arabian Nights style theme. It performs decorated lamps with scented candles as well as mirrored lighting. The Persian fenugreek fish is only one of the so many delicious dishes that they offer. Take the opportunity to have a romantic dinner at the Ruh.