10 TikTok Hacks, Tips & Features Everyone Should Know

Here’s the app, which allows users to create fun short films and then share them with other users, which everyone is insane about lately. It started as Musical.ly and was used by over 100 million people worldwide. The category of entertaining short videos included just about everything, from simple records similar to Insta stories to lip-sync videos of all possible types. What drew people to use it was the possibility of sharing videos on other social networks as well. Yes, we’re talking about TikTok.

Ever since it became what it is today, tons of new filters, short videos from movies and series, music videos, and everything that can be used to enrich the content users create, have been added to it. Its popularity went over the top when users started creating music and dance challenges, using magic videos to perform magic tricks and posting other fun content. It simply went viral.

If you want to explore all its features, here is a list of 10 hacks and tips you simply have to know.

1. Your video content CAN be downloaded

Source: unsplash.com

Let us make one thing clear and understood in the beginning, especially if you are worried the content you create will remain online or will be deleted somehow. There are tools that allow you to download all the good stuff you’ve worked hard on creating, so you can store them and use them for other purposes. Moreover, it can be downloaded without a watermark. Visit qload.info to find out how.

2. Followers can be bought

Just as is the case with any other social media platform, followers can be bought in various ways. So, if you’re worried about gathering an audience around your content, you can always turn to buy followers.

3. Telling stories is a great audience building tool

Storytelling is something everyone who cares about who views their content should use. It can bring emotional responses from others, and this is what you’re aiming at. Action creates a loyal audience.

When it comes to storytelling, don’t just go and blab about anything, but try to think of an audience you would like to draw attention from. For instance, videos on how to take care of your pets are a great way to get a lot of attention from an animal-loving community.

This method is also being used by companies as a marketing tool. It’s excellent for selling products.

4. Timer makes everything easier

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If you’re worried about the additional equipment you may need to create videos as cool as other people, don’t, because TikTok has thought about everything. Making a video requires just a good idea, for every technicality of recording, you have a timer option. It allows you to set the duration of filming, so you don’t need to press or hold the button all the time, plus, the recording won’t start at once unless you choose it to. Making cool videos has never been easier.

5. Hashtags are supposed to be diversified

Using a hashtag is an effective tool to help your video get closer to your audience. What some people are prone to do is hashtagging every word that comes to their mind, piling them up in the video description. But don’t waste hashtags when it’s not relevant to the main content of your video. Diversify them. Think of a few that do the trick.

For example, if your video is about how to style your hair for a night out, you should tag things like #hairstyling, #beautyhacks, etc.

6. Notifications can be filtered

Every social platform has them, and they can be very time-consuming when it comes to following. However, with TikTok, you can choose to see only those you want to see. According to what kind of feedback you are interested to see, comments, reactions, messages, mentions, choose to get notified. Other things don’t need to bother you.

7. Privacy can also be dictated

Source: unsplash.com

When you go to your profile, you can see what info is available for others to see. In case you choose to make posts you like private, you can. In a way, part of your profile will become private, the part you choose to be public will be public.

8. Access your profile on a computer

We’re very much used to every platform having a mobile version, but when we forget our smartphone somewhere, it’s a panic. You suddenly want to know what’s going on with your profile, who’s viewing your content, what’s new on other people’s profiles. Worry no further, because you can always access it via the nearest computer.

Moreover, you can still upload things using the computer. Whatever it is you feel is important and needs to be shared asap, can be done on the nearest laptop.

9. Create custom templates

TikTok gives you immense opportunities to express your creativity. If you feel like adding something of your own to your slideshow, for example, then don’t use templates. When you’re done with filming, just click greenscreen and upload the background you want.

The same goes for the text. You can choose when it appears and when it disappears. Audio, also.

10. Plan when to post

Source: unsplash.com

It’s the same as with other platforms, algorithms change. If you want to be successful, then google which time is the best for sharing your content, so it can have the biggest impact on people. In the meantime, create and have fun.

Final word

One of the biggest advantages of this, a relatively new application in the global and domestic market, is the fact that it is indescribably easy to use, create, share and track. Just a few clicks and the adventure of creating fun videos that you will then share with friends can begin. The movies don’t last too long, and because of the most entertaining characters, they are a great background for a bit of laughter with a ridiculous bit of effort. And that is exactly what makes TikTok so popular.