Top Must Do Things in Bangalore

Stepping into a big city – frankly, there’s not much to be psyched about. However, the ‘Garden City’ or famously known as Bangalore is quite different from other big cities in the race. It certainly is a crash-pad for big dreamers and goal achievers. What one rarely has an idea of is that the place is a rich tenement of amazing sights. Wondering where could you drop your anchors here in the city and be awe-inspired? Well, there’s a huge list to begin with. Iscon Sanctuary where solace is the only thing expected, topped up with prettiness. Bannerghatta National Park – if you are a wildlife lover, you know what I am talking about! The Bangalore Palace – a place that still holds its heritage, showcasing opulence and grandeur in architecture, it certainly is a must visit. In a nutshell, it would be appropriate to describe Bangalore as a place for all and sundry.

Top-notch café’s, incredible fine-dining experiences, gardens that will rejuvenate you and an infrastructure, that the city is and should certainly be proud of, Bangalore surely sums-up as a paradise for lots. You might bump into white collars, sitting back at Starbucks, sipping over a cup of Joe or simply come across lads over a crowded local stall. Bangalore is brimming with people from all over the globe. Therefore, a diversity in culture is surely noted. Although there’s much to do here, let’s quickly narrow down and fix upon 4 good things that the progressive city has up for grabs.

Unbelievable Road Trips – Quite sick of those labor-intensive 9-5 jobs? Here’s a perfect beckoning way to hit the roads and kiss goodbye to the hustle and bustle of the city, at-least for the weekends. Bikers here are mostly in for a treat. Whatever appeals to you the most – from sandy beaches to picturesque altitude and places that scream heritage and history are all at your beck and call if you are hanging hats here in the garden city.

Kick up your adventure goals – Adventure rides and options are certainly in play when you are in Bangalore. How about rafting your way through the gushing waters? You could also make your way through caverns and tunnels. Are you incredibly appealed with the idea of trekking? Well, this place is will stun you with plethora of adventurous alternatives. Infact, you could also set out for camping under a clear night’s sky.

Microlight flying – Were you always keen on soaring through the clouds? Well, it’s time to give wings to your dreams. Bangalore offers you an unbelievable chance of trying hands at microlight flying. This fixed wing aircraft is undeniably a boost to your adrenaline.

Gorge on food and eat your hearts out – Rarely do you hang hats in a city that has multitude of eating junctions at your aid, showcasing diversity in cuisines, theme and location. Well, Silicon Valley has certainly got your sorted. From the finest of terrace and poolside restaurants to eateries serving up scrumptious food in minutes, you will always be surprised with the umpteen and diverse food options available.