These Everyday Food Might Be Harmful For Your Kidney – Diet Plan For Healthy Kidney

Foods are the indispensable part of our life. Food is not only just the fuel that makes your body run but at the same time foods are the building blocks for your cells. Food can affect your health in a significant way as you regular diet habit determines your health condition. When you are suffering from CKD,  a very crucial way to feel better and maintain a healthy kidney is to put a serious consideration on what you are eating on a regular basis. You should see if you might need some changes in your regular diet habit.

When it comes to making a very healthy diet plan for the better health of your kidneys, you must include the foods that are close to nature. The natural kidney-friendly foods are fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts, beans, whole grains, lean meats etc.

It is really important to stay away from the processed foods. Now you might be wondering what processed foods are. Foods that come in jar, tin or box are the processed foods because they have been processed in a factory. Most of the processed foods contain lots of chemicals, preservatives, and fillers and these are really harmful to our health.

Some of the processed foods like peanut butter, canned beans, and frozen vegetables are comparatively better choice than others but how would you know what are the good choices? You can only know it by reading the packaging labels. When a food contains more than a few ingredients or fresh food comes with more than one ingredients, you should definitely be alarmed before eating it.

Now the question is -do you need to buy only organic foods?

Studies have found that organic foods may or may not come with the more nutritious value than the normal foods but the best part of consuming organic foods is that they don’t contain external chemicals, preservatives, and harmful pesticides. If budget is not the constraint , you should focus on buying more organic foods.

Another type of foods that you should strongly avoid is the junk foods. Yes, it’s true that most of these junk foods taste really good and they come with the cheap price but they are deep fried and made with the poor quality of ingredients. Fast foods come with a lot of calories and salts. When you are suffering from kidney related issues, you must stay away from table salt.


Protein, fat, and carbohydrate are the main three parts that are available in most of the foods. Protein helps to build muscles, red blood cells, hormones and much more but unfortunately, most of the people consume more protein than they actually need. Protein waste is always harmful when your kidney is weak. It is really important to follow a moderate protein diet.


This substance is mainly found in meats, poultry products, fishes, dairy, beans, and colas. When you are suffering from kidney related disease, your weak kidney cannot eliminate proper amount phosphorus from your blood and that’s the reason you should limit your daily phosphorous intake.


Yes, your body needs some salt as the sodium that comes with the salt helps to balance the fluid and blood pressure. If your blood pressure is already high, a high salt diet can make it worse. It would be really harmful to your kidneys.

Now it’s time to incorporate a kidney-friendly diet routine to reverse the effects of kidney disease that have been suffering from.