The Family Of A Boy Who Lost Sight At School Hunts For Support: Karnataka

Chamarajanagar (13th June): Giri Mallesh, a student from Chamarajanagar, Karnataka lost his eyesight as a teacher tossed a stick at his face and hit his eyes. Giri Mallesh’s family is underprivileged and is demanding N Mahesh, the Primary Education Minister to help and support them in filing a case and fighting the legal conflict in opposition to the CRBPHPS Ramasamudra school.

From the time this story was showcased by Bangalore Mirror on 3rd June, the culprit teacher Joseph has been escaping, and the family of Giri Mallesh claims that the authorities are attempting to protect the teacher.

The family of the victim is underprivileged and is unsure if of being able to afford a legal representative. The family has great hopes from Minister Mahesh that he will be a support to them in fighting for justice, as the place Chamrajnagar, where the incident took place falls under his constituency. “As we belong to the low-income family background, it is not possible for us to appoint a lawyer, but we want are ready to go against the school and start a legal battle to get justice for what they have done. We are going to write a letter requesting N Mahesh, the education minister to help us to stand against the school authorities and get justice,” said the victim Giri’s uncle, Shankar.

The incident reported in the child losing his eyesight. Joseph, the teacher who did this, was suspended by the school, but is on the run and still not to be found. The family of the victim claim that the school authorities are trying to protect the culprit and the FIR complaint that was registered at the police station at Chamrajnagar has been of no purpose.

“we are sorry for what happened, and it was regrettable. We are going to help and support the family by availing free legal supervision to them. The DDPI of Chamrajnagar will be instructed to look into this matter and also bring it to the notice of the education minister,” pledged Principal Secretary to Government Education Department, Shalini Rajneesh.

Mahadev, The DDPI of Chamrajnagar, corroborated that the incident has been looked into an inquiry has been commenced. The report on this is being prepared. “we are ready to provide the family with their requirements, and if the family wants to take legal action, we will bring this to the notice of the education minister,” he said. The family of the victim claims that the culprit has already been left on bail. Private organizations like Child Welfare Committees are being contacted to help and support the family. The public is responding in a very aggressive way towards the school after the incident took place, and the school authorities aren’t ready to take any action after they said they suspended the teacher.