Athlete’s Dad claims Ayurvedic practitioner for prescribing drugs containing steroids

Bangalore: A 15-year-old athlete Rajajinagar is dealing with a hazardous skin allergy known as Urticaria. Athlete’s father throws allegations on the Ayurvedic practitioner of Bangalore who recommended the intake of two strong drugs in the month of October to get rid of the skin allergy. However, the condition of Athlete became serious as she not only gained around 6kg of weight but the skin allergies she was dealing with got worse. The case was reviewed by Karnataka Unani and Ayurvedic practitioners Board this Thursday.

According to the statement given by Athlete’s father, the drugs, and the Ayurvedic pills were given to her daughter were rich in steroids. This was the assumption of Athlete’s pediatrician which then, later on, turned into the confirmed news when the test reports of the Ayurvedic pills containing steroids had a positive result. As per the recent source, the test was carried out by Ayush-accredited laboratory of Bangalore. Nilesh Prabhu, the father of Athlete claimed that prescribing the tablets containing steroids violates the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940. Nilesh further added that his daughter would have landed to worsen circumstances if she had involved herself in any Athletic event while she was undergoing this medical treatment.

Initially, Nilesh filed a complaint against Giridhar Kaje, who owns and operates Prashanthi Ayurvedic clinic Bangalore in drugs control center. This department ordered another test to be conducted regarding the matter. Surprisingly, the reports stating the presence of steroids in the Ayurvedic medicines appeared to be negative this time. However, Nilesh was unsatisfied with the results and appealed to Ayush board of Union and Ayurvedic practitioners to analyze the subject and take essential actions regarding the matter. Dr. Kaje was called for the hearing by Dr. Amberker Vinayak Subhash, the head of Ayush Board. He was asked if the medicines prescribed by him for the skin allergies contained any kind of steroids and were the pills provided by him can lead to the instant weight gain. Dr. Kaje opposing the fact said that it was near to impossible that his prescribed tablets contained steroids.

According to the statement given by Dr. Kaje, he sent the drugs to drug control department where the test regarding the presence of steroids in it resulted negative. At the same time, he further sent the drugs in some high-tech laboratories in Bangalore to confirm if the drugs are free of steroids and hopefully, the result appeared to be negative there.  However, on testing the drugs again in the lab due to Nilesh’s claim, the results were positive. On asking the laboratories staff, Dr. Kaje was informed that this reports though indicates the presence of steroids, it doesn’t mean that the steroids are synthetic. It can be synthetic or natural steroids extracted from plants.

Ayush board decided to send the drugs for further testing to examine what kind of steroids are present in it and what procedure is followed to analyze and test the drugs. The final action would be taken once the reports give the appropriate result.