Target Weekly Ad, Deals, Flyer & Circular

Target is well known as the second largest retailer in the United States. It is also well known because it is always advertising special sales and great deals for its customers. In this article we will be looking through all the deals, flyers and ads that Target is showing for this week. This way you will be well informed and prepared when you go shopping for anything that you might need or want. Let’s get started.

Target has a special Red card for his most usual customers. This week, by using the RedCard you will be able to access the most exclusive products that Target has to offer like beautiful tote bags, amazing backpacks, coolers, stylish duffel bags and fabulous luggage, among many other products. RedCard holders have the opportunity to have early access to the best products at Target.

By getting your RedCard, you will receive a lot of other benefits such as the 2-day free shipping, 5% off on all the products everyday, and extended 30 days for returns at only and physical stores. And there are many more benefits. As an example, you will be very happy to hear that you will immediately have a 15% off on baby essentials like diapers, wipes and formulas. Another great thing is that you will also get a 5% off on Starbucks products which is very nice if you ask me.

The latest Target circular also performs a great variety of options for these wee if you are looking to save some cash. There is a sale of Seventh Generation Energy Smart at only $9.99. There is also a $5 gift card when you buy any of Olly vitamin products which cost only $13.99. You can also find, only at Target, Kind Breakfast Blueberry Almond at the amazing price of $359.

By going shopping at Target you will be able to save a lot of money and also you are guaranteed to find the best brands in products with the highest quality. There is no other retailer that gives all the benefits that Target has for you.