Surya Namaskar Can Help In Weight Loss, Remedy Joints Pain and Control Blood Sugar Levels

When people think of Surya Namaskar, they normally think it is an exercise, because it strengthens our backs and our muscles, etc. And yes, it does all that, but also, so, so much more.

It is a complete and thorough workout for the physical system. It is a rather comprehensive exercise that requires not a single piece of equipment (besides the awesome machine that your body is, of course).

But, above all else, it is an important instrument that empowers all human beings to break free from life’s cycles and patterns.

The meaning of Surya Namaskar is “bow down to the sun in the morning”. As we all know the sun is the source of life for everything on this planet, there is an element of the sun everything that we eat, drink, and breathe. So, learning how to “digest” the sun better, internalize it, and make it an overall part of you and your system, it’ll truly be beneficial.

Our physical bodies are a great stepping-stone for reaching higher possibilities, but, most people only see it and perceive it as a roadblock. Our body’s compulsion do not for them to move forward. Getting in sync with the sun’s cycles it is an important aspect of balancing and understanding, which are ways to reach the point in which our body is no longer a hurdle.

Surya Namaskar, also known as “Solar Salutation” in English is, in essence, building a dimension within ourselves where our own physical cycles are in total sync with those of the sun, which are about twelve and a quarter years, which is the reason why Surya Namaskar has been structured with twelve “Asanas” (Postures). By reaching certain levels of vibrancy readiness and a good state of understanding, then you´ll be in complete sync with the solar cycle.


Weight loss – As mentioned before, “Solar Salutation” is a complete workout, and that makes it an excellent cardiovascular exercise that helps you lose weight. The postures do a great job of stretching your abdominal muscle and also at increasing your metabolism.

Strengthen Joints & Muscles – This is an excellent exercise to stretch and strengthen the entire skeletal system, including muscles, joints, and ligaments. The different postures also help to give your spine certain flexibility.

Makes your skin glow – It also improves your blood circulation, which in return, helps that glow come back to your face, and prevents wrinkles, making your skin ageless.

Improving the digestive system Another great benefit of the solar salutation is helping you at having a smoother digestive system. As we mentioned before, it improves the blood circulation, therefore by increasing the blood flow to the digestive tract results in the betterment of the intestines.

Helps you with insomnia – Practicing Surya Namaskar will help with your sleeping patterns. The postures help to calm your mind, allowing you to sleep better.

Drops blood sugar levels – The different movements during the Asanas of the Solar Salutation aid to bring down your blood sugar levels, and also minimizes risks for heart diseases.