Super Blood Wolf Moon

On 20th and 21st day of January 2019, the Super Blood Wolf Moon is predicted to make an appearance. Excitement is touching the sky for the stargaze. What marks this total lunar eclipse special is that it is the last total lunar eclipse of this year. The following eclipse is predicted to show its presence on the 26th day of May next year. The amateur astronomers saw the last total lunar eclipse on the 27th day of July the previous year.

According to the National Geographic, the timings for the eclipse are 10:11 am IST on 21st January and the sun, moon and earth will remain in a perfect line for the next 62 minutes. The partial eclipse will be visible only to the people in eastern Africa and eastern Europe. The total phenomenon of the eclipse, including both complete and partial eclipse, will continue for 3.5 hours.

Naming the phenomenon 

Wolf Moon is the name given to the Full moon of winter season as the eclipse occurs only in the presence of the full moon. The moon during that time will glow brighter and appear larger than usual. This phenomenon is being called as Super blood moon. Hence, the name Super Blood Wolf Moon.