Does Steam Have an Easter Sale? Steam Easter 2018 Sales Dates

This year gamers were left wondering if steam will have an Easter Sale, they are looking for any kind of information that might help them know in advance if they  will be able to buy games of DLCs with discount so they can either safe some money or use it to buy more games. It is important to have this information in advance so you know more or less the amount of money that you will be spending. This way, you can make the proper planning in order to foresee what your best options regarding expenses will be. The last PC games sale from Steam was the Lunar New Year 2018 sale. In this sale there were discounts on PC games that became available the past month.

It was the first time that Valve ran a Lunar New Year sale in two years. The Witcher 3, Stardew Valley and Wolfstein 2 were the PC games that had special prices during this sale. No wonder why the fans are so eager to have another sale on Easter 2018. They do not stop tweeting about it, asking whether there will be a sale on Easter 2018 or they are going to have to wait more time.

Since they have not published any information about this, most fans do not lose their hopes, they say that if they have not expressed regarding this matter, it only means that it can still happening. They do no say that this highly longed for sale is might not seem to be something extremely important but it is certainly a nice detail to be able to by three or four games instead of only two.

One of the facts that help increase the belief that there is still the possibility of launching a special Easter Sale is that Valve does not usually reveal any information previously to the sale expected date. So it is only common that expectations are very high.

Nevertheless, rumors have it that the next Steam sale will be the Summer Steam Sale which is said that will take place exactly 12 weeks from now. So, we have no other options than waiting and see.