Flush Out Kidney Stones and Pass Kidney Stones Without Surgery With Yoga and Natural Remedies

Practicing some yoga exercises allows the renal system to remain healthy and in optimal conditions. There are exercises to keep the kidneys in good condition, prevent the bladder from deteriorating and the urinary system to function properly.

Exercises for the kidneys include inverted yoga postures so that this organ remains flexible. When adopting the inverted posture, this process must be gradual to avoid damaging any vertebra.

At the beginning, you have to lay your body on the ground with your palms facing up. The legs should be lifted slowly. First, the thighs are placed on the abdomen and the hands are placed on the waist to help raise the rest of the body.

Immediately, the legs are raised together and in an upright position everything the body can bear without hurting itself. This position, called the candle, also allows the blood to circulate in the opposite direction to how it normally does, which brings an enormous benefit to the circulation.

This position allows the kidneys to make movements that restructure their functioning to make it more fluid and also allows the bladder to gradually regain its place if it has fallen.

Consists of adopting the pose of the tailor or, if possible, the lotus flower. The tailor’s posture is with the legs crossed and the buttocks on the floor, the back straight and the hands on the knees.

Once in this position, a movement of the perineum area should be initiated in and out rhythmically. Afterward, the vagina will be retracted inwards and then outwards, also rhythmically.

This movement will make the area of the urethra exercise and return its elasticity, by allowing the output of urine is natural and fluid.

With these two simple exercises, we can maintain our health in such a sensitive system and give back to our muscles their natural flexibility, as well as other benefits.

Feeding and Kidneys

The main function of the kidneys is to eliminate toxins from the body contained in the blood. They are also responsible for expelling through the urine substances that can be discarded and that are not used by the body.

The kidneys play an important role, but they can suffer multiple ailments, both immunological and infectious, cancer or kidney stones. Therefore, it is recommended to follow a healthy diet and restrict the consumption of some foods that by their characteristics can harm these organs.

Most Important Modifications in the Diet

The foods that make the kidneys work most of their elimination are the proteins found, above all, in meat, fish, and eggs. Of course, taken in moderation are vital.

Water Consumption

You should drink water plenty except in those cases in which kidney disease urinates little and is very swollen.

A defect in the consumption of water favors the appearance of kidney diseases and urinary tract infections. For its part, this food contributes to the elimination of waste and prevents the formation of kidney stones.

Fruits for the Kidney

Like watermelon, artichokes, grapes, and apples are also diuretics Therefore they are recommended for patients with kidneys and urinary tract. Celery, on the other hand, fights stones and grit.

But regardless of the calculation type and the phase in which the patient is located, the consumption of water is essential. The kidney stones risk decreases considerably if the number of liquids consumed increases. It is essential that you drink plenty of water, up to 3 liters per day. You can do it by infusions or fruit juice, and you should avoid those that contain a lot of calcium.