10 Most Common Slang Terms Used in the Casino – 2024 Guide

Going to a casino is always a special event, whether you play for the sake of playing or of increasing your financial status, but knowing the terms used as a part of a specific slang typical for the true connoisseurs of the various gambling games is something not everybody is familiar with. It’s the glamour of these particular places that mesmerizes the players and lures them to try their luck with the common games most of the casino places offer. Appropriate to the situation, there is a certain language used all across the world when you want to gamble like a pro and acting cool would not be possible if you do not know what cool stands for in the gambling language.

Many have achieved the heights never dreamt of before and sadly, they failed in living the dream they were bestowed upon because they wanted even more. On the other hand, many lucky ones have walked away from casinos with money in their pocket because they knew when to stop. Whatever their fates might have been, they have all talked or tried to talk in a certain manner so the gambling atmosphere has been made absolute.

At the end of the day, what really counts is if you win or lose, but if you know to use the right words and handle the specific casino slang, then you look like you know what you are doing and not as if you have strayed to the gambling place. Briefly, you look cool if you know how to use the specific language in a place such as a casino.

In order to prepare you for the real gambling stage, we have prepared a list of basic expressions you will find useful when you enter a casino and start playing your favorite game. Read through the following suggestions and pay attention to the examples you think will prove useful when you try to win with a style.

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Hit Me

When you utter this sentence you do not want a dealer to really hit you but you want another card to be assigned to you in a game such as Blackjack. If the case was different, you would end up beaten multiple times since the chance you say this multiple times during a single game is major. Fear not, ask for another round without hesitation if you feel the next card is yours.


Although casinos have been perpetuated in countless Hollywood movies, when you hear it at a gambling place, it will imply it is your turn to play in games like roulette or blackjack. Act like you know what you are doing and keep it cool.

Cold and Hot

When you are on a streak, it is either cold or hot. Like when someone has cold feet, being on a streak of the same characteristics is something very bad for you and you want your luck to change. On the other hand, being on a hot streak is something you hope will hit you before you get to the casino and also something you brag about with your friends the day after if you manage to keep it hot.

If you are having trouble catching all the phrases related to gambling slang, feel free to practice your game online on websites such as agensg.com, where you can both try your luck with online gambling games and practice your gambling vocabulary.

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When you get to the casino you exchange your money for chips so you can participate in any game you find adequate. Namely, chips are the only currency valid at casinos and you can cash them out when you are done with playing your favorite gambling games.

Beginner’s Luck

We have already told you that you do not need to know the language in order to play your favorite games. Therefore, even though it may be obvious that you are a newcomer to the gambling world, you would want to hear this around you if the other players notice that you are a beginner.


That is the guy that deals the cards to the players when you play blackjack and poker.

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High Roller and a Payroll

A high roller is considered a man who is experienced in playing various or a single gambling game and has a lot to boast about, considering his bankroll is enormous. The bankroll is the amount of money a person intends to gamble with. In other words, the amount of money you are willing to risk is what you call a bankroll.

The Cage

A cage is a place in a casino where you exchange your money into chips. Also, when you are done with gambling for the day and you want to cash in your winnings, the place you go to before leaving is the cage. Namely, the cage is acting like a small exchange office for the players of the casino and it is called that because of the cage-like appearance due to security reasons.

Pit Boss

The job of a pit boss is to secure the fairness of the blackjack game and to prevent any dishonorable deeds from happening at the table. This is a person you do not want to mess with since they act as the law enforcement agencies in the casino.

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A whale is a person that is a high roller to a high roller, therefore, their bankrolls are almost unlimited. What differentiates the whale from a high roller is that the whales do not really care if they win or lose, but rather enjoy the game for the sake of it and the glamour it radiates.

There you go, the basics of gambling language. Although the terminology may not seem as too complicated, the casino slang has been evolving since forever. The aforementioned words are not to be taken lightly since they carry the burden of history with every letter they have been spelled with. Have fun playing your favorite games and may luck be on your side!