Safe and Easy Home Remedies for Natural Hair Growth

            Having long thick hair is a desire that most women and many men have. This means that thinning hair and hair loss are problems that have produce a lot of stress. There are many causes for thinning hair and hair loss. However, the great news is that there are also a lot of options for fighting these problems. In this article we will provide you with the simplest recipes for Natural Hair Growth using natural ingredients that can be easily found in your kitchen.

Massage and Hot Oil Treatment

            A good way of helping your hair growth naturally is massaging your scalp every day for ten minutes at least. The massage must be done in circular patterns apply some pressure. This will help your blood flow through the vessels promoting hair growth. You can apply some hot coconut oil twice a week to help strengthen your hair. The heat helps penetrate the scalp reducing dandruff. After applying the oil, you can comb your hair for spreading the coconut oil. Leave it for an hour and the wash it with plenty of water and mild shampoo or soap.


            This herb possesses anti-oxidant properties that promote hair growth, strengthens your hair and also eliminates dandruff through the increase of circulation to the scalp and helps unclog block hair follicles. Plus, Rosemary can darken your hair which makes it a great homemade remedy. For the preparation process you will need two drops of Rosemary essential oil and mix them with two tablespoons of coconut, olive, avocado, or almond oil. Apply the mixture on your scalp and massage it for several minutes. Then, let it on for at least 1 hour and rinse it with plenty of water and mild soap or shampoo. You could also use Rosemary water for the rinsing process. Just boil some Rosemary in water for 5 minutes, let it cool down to room temperature and take out the dried Rosemary.

Castor Oil

            Being rich in omega-9, acids in vitamin E makes Castor Oil an excellent option for enhancing hair growth.  It also helps keeping your hair moisturized and adds volume. It also prevents frizzing and prevents scalp infections. For enhancing the benefits of castor oil just mix it with an equal amount of base oil. Massage your scalp for several minutes after applying the oil.  Let it on for about 40 minutes and then wash your hair with shampoo.

These recipes not only provide natural alternatives to chemical products but they also include ingredients that are very easy to find.