Rummy Game App: How To Download It And Start Playing?

Rummy originated in the nineteenth century in either Mexico or China and since then, the game has spread like wildfire across the globe. Now, it is one of the most widely played card games not just in India but in most countries.

Today there are several types of rummy being played out there with each one having its own set of rules that the players have to follow. With rising technology and popularity, people started finding out newer and better ways to play their favorite Rummy game. This gave rise to several rummy app which focused on the average player. These rummy apps then started dealing with real money and the interest in the game skyrocketed.

How To Download The Rummy Game App and Start Playing?

It is very simple to download the rummy game app onto your smartphone. You will first have to download the apk file from your preferred gaming website. After you have given permission to install the apk file, you can open the app. Now select rummy and then participate in the listed tournaments. Make sure you make your registration for the same as there are limited slots available for the tournaments. The apps are easy to navigate and packed with robust security features. Moreover, withdrawals and deposits can be done quickly using the apps. Several apps are available to download on both Android and IOS devices.


1. Rummy Makes Use of Strategies

If you want to win a match, strategies form a very large chunk of the game of rummy. You need to have sharp strategies if you are aiming for a win in rummy. Developing your strategies requires a lot of training and dedication. In order to achieve all this, it is not really necessary for the player to be lucky. Instead, the player needs to have excellent thinking prowess, good cognitive skills, and the correct attitude.

2. It Also Needs Good Mathematical and Statistical Knowledge

To excel in rummy, a player needs to have sharp knowledge of maths and the statistical probabilities that into the game. If a player does not possess these skills, then unfortunately he will never be able to master the game. Swift calculation of points in hand, good probability of what’s going on in the opponents’ hand, devising strategies based on the first two points. All of these need to be done at the same point. And that requires skills, not luck.

3. Brain Cells Are Subject To A Thorough Usage

A player needs to be on his toes during every moment in a rummy game as failure to do so would result in the opponents taking advantage of the situation and pushing him aside. Sometimes, rummy can be an incredibly stressful game. When such things happen, your willpower and your brain cells usually determine how well you can counter your opponents ahead. These kinds of mentally challenging situations need all the skills you can have and not just luck.

4. It Also Requires Emotional Intelligence and Patience

Patience and emotional intelligence are very underrated in a game like rummy. But they tend to form some of the biggest decisive factors while playing a rummy game. If a player knows not to go ahead with the emotions and shows patience during the decision-making process then he has the true making of a rummy expert. With just luck, you can never achieve this proficiency in this game. Also, the patience of a player will get tested during the long duration of a rummy game which consists of four to six players.

Here are some tips that will make you an intelligent rummy player


1. Play On A Reliable Gaming Website

One thing you should consider first is that not all rummy websites are reliable to play on. So, you will have to look for a platform that offers secured gaming, ease of playing, and a reliable gaming platform. Also, make sure these websites offer free to play games so that you are not directly pushed into playing cash games with players who are already seasoned and well versed with the game.

2. Arrange The Cards Well In Your Hands

Another important tip is to get your cards arranged well after being handed over to you by the dealer. Start making the pure sequences and sets in your hand and accordingly place them in a way that is appropriate for you. Also, make an arrangement of the cards you want to discard. There might be instances where you feel you will have to quit the game soon because the card being dealt are not play worthy.

3. Make Proper Use Of The Joker

A joker card in rummy helps you to complete a set or sequence if you are missing the cards. It is a trump card that often can come to your rescue and even lead you to victory if used wisely. Joker is a face-up card alongside the deck and another one is the actual joker both can be used in the game.


4. Decide The Cards To Discard

One of the important tricks in playing rummy is to discard the card you do not want to use. But you will have to carefully discard your cards as your opponents will be keeping a close eye on your moves and you would not want to help them. You can know how you are helping, if you have discarded a higher-value card and are picked by your rival you will then have an idea of what they are up to.

5. Confuse Your Rivals

One of the best ways you could get the better of your rivals is by confusing them. As soon as the cards are in the player’s hand, everybody is looking for making sets and sequences right away. You being in a similar situation will have to calm yourself down and look around the table at what’s going on. See what cards are your rivals discarding and picking from the pile.