7 Factors to Consider When Buying Military Boots for Men

Over the years, military boots become more popular due to the ease of combining them with casual style. With that, not only you’ll have a pair to wear during adventurous activities, but you can embrace your masculine look with your winter outfits.

From comfortability to all the certifications required for a boot of this type, there are lots of things you need to look at while doing boot shopping. Although it may seem overwhelming, with a proper guide you can be sure you are purchasing the right pair of military boots.

In this article, we’ll talk about all the factors you have to consider when purchasing military boots. This will help in finding the perfect pair that not only will last long, but provide all the essential features to perform the best in your activities. Keep reading and find out more.

1. Comfortability

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The number one priority you have to look for while shopping for combat boots is comfortability. By default, these shoes come comfortable on their own since they are specially made for long-standing times, marching, and hiking.

However, depending on the anatomy of your foot, some models might not be the best fit for you. For example, comfortability can be reduced by certain tight models. In addition, if the toe portions are on the pointier side, or the heel is not on the right height, you will not feel well wearing them.

For that reason, you first have to get the size right and try the pair on. Walk around the store, or if you purchased them online, be sure to have the option and replace them in case they don’t fit well. The inside of the boot and the midsole have to offer lots of cushions to withstand long periods on foot.

2. Height

How high the boots are is another thing for you to bear in mind. Normally, you would want great support over the ankle area since walking on harsh terrains is quite often.

If you need the boot to be approved by the army, you should get at least a six-inch boot. They offer great stability and are perfect for hiking or running. These boots usually offer better flexibility than other heights. Depending on the lacing type, the support is different. That is why trying them on before doing a purchase is essential.

In case you need more support, going for an eight-inch boot is a good decision. They are usually worn by the police, and provide great stability for demanding situations like hiking for example. Coming up with the best performance, selecting this height might be the best option for you.

3. Grip

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To provide both comfort and stability, no matter the terrain, a great outsole is essential in boots of this type. During wet conditions, and harsh terrains, slipping is unacceptable. For that reason, getting a pair with a great grip is an essential factor as suggested by https://www.nortiv8shoes.com/collections/mens-military-tactical-boots.

As long-time manufacturers, military boots for men are making pairs that come with outsoles made out of special materials that are both soft and sturdy. In addition, most boots come with heels with an angle to prevent slips and provide better traction. With that, you will not slip even in icy conditions.

4. Great breathability

Besides looking for comfort, support, and grip, breathability is another essential factor when it comes to military boots. Since you will spend most of your time inside this footwear, providing enough breathability to your feet is highly important.

This is the reason why should you consider the type of material used in manufacturing the boot. For example, going with leather or special military-rated fabrics is the right choice. Not only do they let your feet breathe, but they are also pulling out the moisture keeping everything dry and nice.

5. Weight and flexibility

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For long walking or going through rocky and harsh terrains, considering the weight of the boot is highly important. Many people are associating heaviness and sturdiness to be indicators of great build quality and protection, but it is not always right.

Wearing heavy footwear slows you down, and will make you feel sore much quicker than anticipated.

Lightweight boots are a better option. However, the lightness should not compromise the quality. In addition, the soles have to be flexible to provide enough foot movement, while still being thick and providing enough grip and stability.

6. Water resistance

To withstand all the conditions, your feet have to be dry. For that reason, getting a tactical boot with great resistance to water is a huge factor you have to think of. Not only do they provide protection for your feet from water, but they are made better and sturdier which provides longevity.

7. Build quality

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Lastly, you need to observe the overall build quality of the footwear you are willing to purchase. As a reference, you need the boot to last at least a couple of years without any problems going through various types of terrains and conditions.

To be sure about the boot’s longevity, you should go through the main indicators, the build materials. It should be a great indication of great quality if the boot is made of leather that is full grain. This is the material that is best for military boot uppers, and it surely lasts the longest.

In addition, you should look at every part of the boot like the stitching and the lacing hardware. With an overall picture of great build quality, the durability is secured.


With lots of factors to determine which pair is the best for your situation, the purchasing process should be quite easy. Just make a list of factors to not forget about anything, and check everything out. That way, you have nothing to worry about since you will know that the boots will be perfect.

Also, some companies provide a warranty for their boots as a guarantee of their quality. Options like these should be definitely used since you can simply replace the product if something happens. This protects you as a buyer and provides security and trust which is always beneficial.