Reports Suggest 2019 Models Of iPhone To Support USB-C Fast Charging

  • Reports indicated that this year Apple would introduce the USB-C
  • The company is however still in the redesigning phase
  • They are aiming at presenting the design in their 2019 iPhones models

Apple is looking forward to launching a budget phone this year, without the 3D touch and a 6.1” display. They are introducing two successors to the iPhone X, one with OLED display and another combined with a 6.5” OLED display, which is going to be the premium version. Earlier reports suggested these variants were going to be introduced with the USB-C fast charging, but the recent reports reveal that this plan of launching the fast charging has shifted to the models releasing in 2019. Apple is looking forward to introducing the USB Type C- port to its other devices iPhone and iPad, whereas the MacBook already has this type of fast charging.

Reportedly, Apple is working towards redesigning and changing its chargers and related interface to introduce the USB Type-C ports in their upcoming 2019 models, as cited by DigiTimes. “Once Apple introduces the Type C charging port in its devices, it will accelerate the process of adoption of this charging by other companies as well. Apple’s adoption of this interface is going to decide the popularity and adaption in the other handsets” said the reports.

According to earlier reports the 2018 iPhones models were supposed to come bundled with the Type C USB chargers and Lightning cables. This new type of charging is said to be delivered by a specially designed 18W power adapter. Using the new adapters and cords with the Type-C USB will take an iPhones charging from 0 to 50 in about 30 minutes. Many other Android devices currently in the market are offering the same type of charging pattern.

This new report confirms the above mentioned but claims that this new change will not be introduced until 2019. The company is still in the redesigning phase according to the news and thus will not be able to launch the same in 2018.

Apple is planning on cutting the prices of the upcoming iPhone models by approximately $300 (roughly Rs. 20,300), later this year, said Ming-Chi Kuo, Top Apple analyst with the TF International Securities. The 6.1” LCD iPhone is going to be priced between $600 to $700 (around INR 40,300 to 47,000), the 6.5” OLED model to be introduced in the price range $900 to $1,000 (roughly INR 60,400 to 67,100) and the 5.8” OLED iPhone will cost somewhere between $800 to $900 (roughly INR 53,700 to 60,400).

Significant improvements in production fields and reducing prices of components are what is leading Apple to adopt this policy. “Smartphone market is almost hitting a saturation point, and the higher price of devices can have a negative impact on the business is a matter of concern for Apple,” said Kuo.