Probiotics Can Help Reduce Social Anxiety

You might have heard of the benefits for digestive health provided by probiotics which are also known as “friendly bacteria”. These benefits include reduced bloating, management of IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and help with diarrhea caused by antibiotics side effects or even traveling. What most people do not know is that probiotics have a wide range of benefits apart from these. These health benefits can be skin health, oral health, immune support, reduction of cholesterol, and even weight control.

There is now a new study that has shown that consuming these kinds of bacteria in fermented foods can have even more benefits since it is possible to help curb social anxiety. The most recent study about this was performed in College of William and Mary, when most that 700 students who were mostly women, registered for an Intro Psychology class. They were asked to complete a questioner that collected information about the amount of probiotics that they consume in fermented foods. They were also asked to complete a questioner that was designed to help manifest elements of neuroticism which is a personal trait, and social anxiety. This resulted in the relation of consuming probiotics and a low likelihood of symptoms.

The UCLA run a study that showed that women who received an enriched-with-probiotics yogurt instead of a placebo experienced changes in their brain which reduced they emotional reactions towards images of angry or frightened faces. Scientists claim that this is due to “communication highway” between the brain and the gut. They also say that the gust bacteria are great influencers of the brain.

Even though, these studies are just beginning to attract more attention and they still need to be studied a lot further, taking advantage of the great benefits of probiotics is something very easy to do.

Foods with Probiotics


Being a dish traditionally served during Oktoberfest, it is highly recommended to be eaten during the whole year. You can take advantage of their benefits by eating it as a side order, or with garden salads, you can even stuff sandwiches with it.


This Korean traditional dish is made with fermented cabbage, radishes or cucumbers. You can eat them in omelets, veggie salads, noodles or even whole grain rise. It is a delicious idea to use kimchi as top for pizza, tacos, or with seafood, poultry and beans.


This is one of the most common foods that possess probiotics. Yogurt works as a great topping with seasoned garlic, black pepper and herbs. Dress veggies salads, baked potatoes. Or in its most appreciated form with pieces of fruit, cinnamon, ginger cloves, you name it. Add who grains and nuts.


You can drink Kefir straight up or make it as smoothie, you could also stir it and add fruits or chocolate and put it into Popsicle molds.

These are only a few of the wide variety of options that you have if you want to take advantage of Probiotics which are very helpful for controlling social anxiety.