Pumpkin Seeds Can Prevent Diabetes, Cholesterol and Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

The squash or pumpkin, with its peculiar shape and distinctive orange color, is the vegetable that reigns during the fall in the United States. You can use the bark to decorate on Halloween and the pulp to cook. But what about pumpkin seeds? Some people know how to take advantage of them in different dishes. There are even ways to consume them snack style, lightly toasted and giving them flavor with juices or sauces.

These seeds alone have interesting health benefits, which we invite you to know.

  • Balance the pH of the organism. They have alkalizing action, which means that they decrease the acidity in the blood and tissues. Consumption of refined sugar acidifies the blood constantly, which is harmful to the body, subtracting essential minerals and interfering with organic functions; causing the variety of pains and diseases.
  • They benefit intestinal health. They fight some intestinal parasites and help relieve constipation thanks to its fiber content.
  • Help lose weight and prevent diabetes. This is because they stabilize blood sugar thanks to its high level of high-quality protein and easy digestion. One hundred grams of pumpkin seeds provide up to 30g of these proteins. Although they have up to 500 calories per hundred grams, they are mostly in high-quality proteins and beneficial fatty acids.
  • They act as an anti-inflammatory. Its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect seem to compete with that of drugs but without the side effects, they produce. A good alternative in cases of arthritis and other painful inflammations.
  • Prevent osteoporosis. Its zinc, calcium and magnesium content make pumpkin seeds a powerful ally in keeping bones healthy in women and men.
  • They can relieve insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Its generous content of the amino acid tryptophan is converted serotonin, neurochemical vital to relieve anxiety states and maintain a good mood, avoid depression and facilitate a restful sleep. These processes are enhanced by their balanced content of B-complex (vitamins B1-B2-B5-B6 and folates). In addition, tryptophan is a precursor of niacin (vitamin B3). Additionally, it contains glutamate, another important neurochemical in reducing nervous irritability and other neurotic conditions.
  • They are antioxidants. They contain vitamin E of various types, which counteracts the cellular damage of free radicals. It also has antioxidants: zinc, phenols, and lignin, which makes pumpkin seeds a good elixir of youth.
  • They have a high content of magnesium and manganese. With this, they promote good health of bones, heart and the good general functioning of the organism.
  • Reduce cancer risk. Compound curcubitaceas (pumpkins) seem to be effective in preventing and treating several types of cancer (especially breast and prostate).
  • Reduce bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol and improve prostate health. They contain phytosterols, which act by blocking the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine, lowering the amount of LDL cholesterol in the blood. They also protect the prostate by balancing the conversion of testosterone.

Pumpkin seeds can be eaten raw, lightly toasted or as an extract. So you already know. For your recipes throughout the year and during this Halloween also takes advantage of pumpkin seeds.