6 Rules And Tips For Planning A Bachelor Party – 2024 Guide

It’s not easy planning a bachelor party. The need to deliver the best night of the new groom’s life can put you under a lot of pressure. Not only that but you are tasked with everything. You are the best man and you must deliver. So to do that, here are 6 rules and tips to take into consideration when planning a bachelor party this 2024.

1. Select A Date That Everyone Likes

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First things first, you need to find a date that will work for everyone. The last thing you want is to do it on a Wednesday where most of the guys will have to show up for work the following day.

Bachelor parties are characterized by huge hangovers. It’s not uncommon for some bachelor parties to end up in a jail cell. So when the stakes are high, pick a mutually acceptable date. Ask the guys and go for the one that everyone likes.

2. Plan the Night

Since you’re tasked with planning the bachelor party, the first thing to look at is a venue. Now, a venue can make or break the whole experience. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do what the groom loves.

If they love doing a particular thing, like clubbing, then the club is the obvious answer to all of your problems. But you can even take it a step further and plan multiple venues. Venue hopping is very popular and offers tons of fun. Going from one venue to another might seem unreasonable, but it’s quite the opposite.

Instead of being stuck in one place, pick multiple venues to make things more exciting. But you have to remember that the groom should have the last say. If they’re not particularly fond of doing one thing, then skip it.

Also, this tip doesn’t only focus on a venue. Venues are great for bachelor parties. But you can do tons of other stuff like drive around town in an open limousine. This particular idea is very popular nowadays. Instead of going to the club, why not drive around town and go clubbing in a limousine?

3. Think About Your Spending Power

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If you’re planning a bachelor party for your best friend, then you have to make it a good one. But good bachelor parties cost money. Not only that, things can get out of hand pretty fast. So before you do all of this, you have to consider how much money you have to work with.

When planning a bachelor party, the money will go into a few things. The first is travel costs, as most hire limousines or other forms of transportations such as Uber to get from point A to point B to point C and eventually point D.

The second is accommodations. It’s not uncommon for bachelor parties to be hosted in different cities like Last Vegas for example. If you’ve seen the movie “The Hangover”, then you know that most bachelor parties are done out of town.

The third expenses to look at are extras. This could mean a lot of things for a lot of people. It could mean plane tickets, and it could mean hiring strippers. It’s quite common to hire strippers for your best friend’s bachelor party. But even strippers cost money and are quite expensive to maintain throughout the night.

But we can always find a deal even when hiring hot strippers. So if you want to find out more details regarding hot strippers for hire, check out https://hotpartystripper.com/

4. Make the Guest List

Sadly, not every person will make the list. But since you are planning the whole thing, you can’t do this one on your own. The groom will want his best friends on the guest list to celebrate this day. So the last thing you want is to accidentally miss a name.

That’s why you need to work with him and formulate a guest list. If there are too many people on the list, then expect others to chip in with money. But bachelor parties are generally smaller parties attended by the closest friends the groom has. Regardless, you need to make a list.

5. What About Food?

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You can’t go on that much partying without putting any food in your mouth. Luckily, this one is pretty easy to solve. Find the nearest McDonald’s or Burger King and you’re good to go.

But in all seriousness, food is essential when it comes to partying for long hours. Since a bachelor party is that sort of party, you need to have a backup plan in case something happens with the food. One thing to do is order takeaway, deliver food to the event, and more.

You can even dine out, but this becomes a problem if you’re dealing with a larger group. For larger groups, group meals are great. Restaurants, however, are not. The last thing you want is for ten people to go to a fancy restaurant and end up trashing the place.

If you’re a smaller group, then book reservations to a fancy restaurant before the night starts. If you end up hungry as the night progresses, then find the nearest place and get some food in your belly.

6. Confirm the Attendees

Now that you’ve done all the planning, the last thing to do is to confirm the people attending the ‘event’. Remember that guest list you did a couple of tips before? Well, get that list and call each person on it. Make sure to confirm if they’re attending the bachelor party.

Doing this is essential before you call venues and make dinner reservations. When you know how many people you have to work with, you can plan more efficiently. If you’re not sure whether five or ten people will attend the bachelor party, then you won’t be 100% certain if dining at a fancy restaurant is the way to go.

If more people are involved, finding the nearest food cart makes sounds much better. So once you get everything sorted, start calling the people on the list to confirm attendance.