Parking Issues in Los Angeles County

A lot of drives are sharking here and there looking for parking in Los Angeles after the rush hours of every afternoon. This is quite common and people are used to this. You can even see a lot of men bumping over any driveway apron so they can stop on any bedraggled patch of some grass right between the sidewalk and the curb. A lot of crews just look at drivers and ask themselves whether this is legal or not. They cannot believe that this stuff is happening in Los Angeles these days, and they need an answer to this question soon.

There is a problem with the laws of Los Angeles County because the Council is saying to parking officers that they should not ticket cars that are just parked on any parkway. This is an issue because they take over public land that is placed right between the curb and the sidewalk. They do the same with any sloping apron that connects any driveway to the street. The county council decided to lull the laws about parking here so they can give drivers more legway, as the council is to craft even more policies regarding parking in this beautiful county.

But there is a five-year gap and many renegade drivers are taking advantage of green areas so they can park their vehicles there, which is an eyesore for many people here in Los Angeles. There are many dense neighborhoods here, and many of these people want to see that the police is dishing out parking tickets these days to those kinds of drivers. You can even see many cars that rest on many parkways in Westlake, Koreatown and East Hollywood. You can also stare at many rutted grass and crumbing curbs here. This is a huge problem for the county, and the city council has to do do something about it.