Low Carb Diet Can Help Manage Type 2 Diabetes, Help Weight Loss and Stop Hair Loss

Paleo Diet enables the type 2 diabetes patients to keep their blood sugar level under control. The reason is that less consumption of carbs leads to fall of blood sugar level. Since Paleo Diet recommends unprocessed foods it is considered as a healthier way of eating. Those who follow a diet system that consists of whole and unprocessed foods feel full with fewer calories. Reduction of calorie consumption facilitates weight loss which is also an advantage for patients of type 2 diabetes. Paleo Diet mainly consists of vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, chicken and lean pieces of meat. All these food stuffs enable the type 2 diabetes patients to improve their insulin sensitivity as well as lipid levels. A group study has revealed that apart from blood sugar level, type 2 diabetes patients are able to improve their BP as well as cholesterol level also by following the Paleo Diet.

The best type of carbs

Another significant aspect of Paleo Diet is the type of carbs that one gets from the Paleo Diet. For those who follow Paleo Diet, the major sources of carbs are fruits and vegetables. The carbs from fruits and vegetables are blended with a lot of micronutrients and antioxidants and they are the best type of carbs for the patients of type 2 diabetes. Those who strictly follow the Paleo Diet can be 100% confident that they follow a diet system that will never allow their blood sugar level to elevate. However, since there are different versions of Paleo Diet, those who suffer due to type 2 diabetes should ensure not to follow the version which allows red-meat, dairy products and butter all of which lead to higher levels of cholesterol. People with type 1 diabetes also can control their blood sugar levels by following the Paleo Diet. All diabetic patients who intend to follow the Paleo Diet system are advised to consult their doctor before starting with the diet program.

Paleo Diet for weight loss

Simply eating less is not a solution to reduce weight and it will only lead to severe complications because of nutritional deficiency. One cannot reduce weight by subjecting the body to hardship. Those who follow the Paleo Diet system can provide nutrient-rich food to the body which is a vital requirement. Since Paleo Diet covers all nutritional requirements of the body, all deficiency based disorders are effectively prevented. The Paleo Diet system keeps one’s diet completely free of over-stimulating as well as hyper-palatable food stuff. For those who want to reduce weight it is very important to maintain the proper carb level for them. While a low-carb diet system suits to some people others can lose weight by following a diet that provides carbs moderately. The Paleo Diet enables a person to identify the carb level that actually suits to the body so that he or she can easily achieve the weight loss goal. Paleo Diet enables a person to reduce calorie consumption without fasting. Those who follow Paleo Diet automatically reduce their calorie intake since in this system bread, pasta, etc. are replaced with vegetables like broccoli and lentils. Paleo Diet leads to sustained weight loss by solving the problems that lead to weight gain without subjecting the body to severe restrictions.

Paleo Diet and hair loss

Hair loss occurs as a result of damage of the hair follicle. The hormone which is called Dyhydrotestosterone (DTH) causes damage of hair follicle. When the body has excess of insulin, more quantity of DTH is produced in the body and it will lead to hair loss. The Paleo Diet system makes a person to stick on to whole, unprocessed foods so that there will not be overconsumption of carbs that lead to increase in blood sugar level. The diet that provides sufficient quantities of vitamin A, B6, B12, D3 and K and zinc, magnesium, calcium, sodium, proteins and sugar is considered as the proper anti hair loss diet. It should also be free of alcohol as well as polyunsaturated fats. Since Paleo Diet consists of vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole foods, meet, fish and berries, following the Paleo Diet system is the best solution to prevent hair loss.