Right Diet Can Help In Hypothyroidism Weight Loss

Once a person is diagnosed with thyroid he will find it difficult to lose weight. Since hypothyroidism has a negative effect on metabolism the affected person is likely to suffer due to low energy level. His or her efforts to achieve weight loss may make the problem more complicated. More care on food intake is very essential for thyroid patients and consulting with a physician regarding treatment is very important for them. Thyroid patients may not be able to achieve quick weight loss results and they need to strictly follow the instructions of the physician to reduce weight for achieving the desired results. Those who take alternative medications as advised by the physician can be assured that their weight loss efforts are not interfered by the medication. A long and rigorous daily exercise regimen is all the more important for thyroid patients who want to reduce weight.

Drink more water; take fiber-rich foods and green tea

Thyroid patients may make it a point to drink 10 – 12 glasses of water daily in order to avoid water retention and bloating and also to facilitate digestion as well as metabolism. Water can also reduce appetite. Those who have thyroid problem should consume sufficient quantity of fiber to reduce weight. By way of including fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts in the regular diet the body gets the required quantity of fiber. Thyroid patients require more energy since they have to perform rigorous and lengthy exercises daily to reduce weight. A cup of green tea every day can make them more energetic.

Ensure a proper hypothyroid diet

It is very important for thyroid patients to follow the proper diet. They must choose foods that help them to solve the thyroid problem and strictly avoid the foods that may make their problem to go worse. Those who have Hypothyroidism with low thyroid function may include iodized salt and seaweed to ensure sufficient quantity of iodine for the body.  They may eat a lot of berries which are rich in antioxidants. In order to ensure consumption of sufficient quantity of omega 3 fatty acids, the thyroid patients should include mushrooms, fish and egg in their regular diet. Skimmed dairy products and skinless chicken also can be parts of their regular diet. Since beans and nuts are rich in proteins, they are to be included in the hypothyroid diet. By way of eating bell peppers, squash, tomatoes and cherries they gets sufficient quantities of vitamin C and antioxidants. Grains and fresh vegetables provide vitamin B and with proper medical advice thyroid patients can go for vitamins as well as iron supplements.

Those who suffer due to hypothyroidism with low thyroid function may strictly avoid whole milk, milk cream, too much butter, soya milk, soybeans and all soy products. They should also avoid red meat, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, peaches, pears, peanuts, millets, radish, spinach, turnip, strawberries and Brussels sprouts.

The Overactive Thyroid Diet may mainly consist of brown bread, whole wheat pasta, grains, fresh vegetables, walnuts and apricots. These patients may make it a point to cook their food in olive oil and they can also use honey as sweetener. The overactive thyroid diet should not contain red meat such as pork and mutton, white bread, pasta, chocolate, sugarcane, sugar, corn syrup and concentrates of sweeteners. Alcohol caffeine and antibiotics are also banned.

Apart from diet, proper medication and regular exercises, the thyroid patients must remain free of stress to ensure the best results.