8 Things to Know Before Ordering Flowers Online for Valentine’s Day

Most holidays that people celebrate include some sort of ritual – well, almost all of them. On some occasions, things easily turn into a sort of ritual or a habit and become the first thing off the top of your head when you think of that occasion. Thanksgiving Day is usually associated with turkey, Halloween with trick-or-treating, Christmas with Santa Claus, or Christmas tree. Celebrating the love between partners is something that usually gets connected with gift-giving, especially flowers. Apart from the loved one’s birthday or anniversary, Valentine’s Day is universally celebrated with sweets, heart-shaped objects, gifts with similar connotations, and – everlasting beauty of blossoms that many people adore.

If you’re about to stay faithful to old habits and respect the tradition, but be modern and order flowers online, you might get surprised with the number of things you should be aware of throughout the process. Whenever you plan on making something special for a special person, it’s quite noteworthy to pay attention to details that can save the day!

Flowers with a meaning

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Roses likely symbolize love, especially red ones in the minds of many people. Many other types of flowers also mean love but not necessarily the kind of love that you would link with a partner. The colors of petals also have their unofficial meanings and the message you want to convey can be done in many ways – all you need to do is choose the appropriate one!

Chrysanthemums can express friendly love and as such, you can send them to a friend to thank them for showing their love and affection to you. If you are about to delight your mother, step-mother, or grandmother, lilies will probably be one of the best choices. But if you have a crush on someone, and you would like to be more than friends, sunflowers will certainly bring you closer to that goal this Valentine’s Day.

The best part is paying attention to what your special person likes. Is there their favorite flower? Pick that particular one – you can’t go wrong with that – but still, make sure the bouquet you’re giving them is special.

Check out reviews

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There are many florists and, when buying online, you might get overwhelmed with offers. All of them may seem attractive, well-equipped, and offer magical sets, which is why deciding to pick one can be quite hard. This is the place where other customers step in to help. The reviews that people leave based on their own experience, like in many other business areas, can offer the exact information and lead you closer to the particular selection you made.

In-season arrangements

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The Law of demand and supply affect the free market in all areas. We all can understand how higher demand for something, like flowers for Valentine’s Day, increases the price due to the seasonal shopping here. Price is what makes people change their initial choices or reconsider the one they wanted the most. If there are several people you want to send gifts to, it can turn out a bit pricey holiday for you, as, even though flowers blossom in different periods of the year, florists usually have a wide variety to offer. Selecting some particular flower that is in season in your particular area might be a great choice not only because it’ll arrive at the recipient’s in great condition, but also because its price will be significantly lower.

Delivery package

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When you want to send this type of gift, the ‘package’ makes the full experience unforgettable. The arrangement can be delivered in a box or with other items, such as toys, chocolates, a bottle of drink, or maybe some other gift you predetermined for the occasion. The companies have their packages selection and you, as a customer, can choose how you want them to arrive at the destination.

The place where the delivery will be made influences the package a lot. Should the arrangement arrive at someone’s home, it’s more likely they’ll have a vase to put the bouquet into. In case they’re at work or elsewhere at that moment, it might be useful to send the flowers in a box or vase, as they might not have one at hand when they get your sign of affection.

Shipping and delivery time

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Depending on the time difference between the moments of ordering and desired delivery, it’s crucial to pay attention to the special offers and delivery times during the holiday season. During days like this, people buy in dozens and order deliveries to many addresses with the already-existing number of delivery companies. It’s recommendable that you order a few days ahead to make sure your package gets to the destination on time. More than that, it’s very likely you’ll pay less if you order in advance as florists like to enhance equal distribution of orders during this ordering peak.


Checking prices is recommendable to do not only for this but for any other purchase as well. The comparison of prices might lead you not only to a great selection of online offers, but to the coupons, free shipping, and other juicy options.  Let’s take Russian Flora as an example: if you click here, you can see their great offers – a free delivery when they ship flowers for Valentine’s Day to Russia, amazing discounts, and coupon codes. Such companies have much more success during holidays – choose some of their arrangements and pay much less for a great deal than you imagined it would be at first!

Local vs. national florists

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If you live in a small town, you might think there are no local florists that offer online ordering and you may believe it’s necessary to go with some big national one that doesn’t have facilities in your area. It may come as a surprise, but certain local florists also turn to accept online orders and decide to use this powerful business model as much as possible.  It helps them save resources for making arrangements for customers instead of serving them in-shop, as it can slow them down on days like this.

Except for the closeness of the shop, when ordering from a local one, your package takes less time to be delivered (depending on the destination in this case). Other than that, it’s more probable that delivery will be as fresh as you can imagine and the price might be lower.

Customer Service

Finally, we are all customers on a daily basis. We buy so many items and use so many services where the need to receive some guidance and help is more than significant. When there is a well-established customer service line, with a refund policy that can help you in unexpected situations, you can be more relaxed to ship flowers for Valentine’s Day. Due to the nature of this gift type, as it can come damaged or faded, it’s good to know there’s a service to handle and take care of it for you. Tracking your shipment and taking care of the delivery time is also important, and fantastic customer service is irreplaceable.