Natural and Safe Ways To Straighten Hair At Home

Using heat of chemical product for straightening your hair will bring more problems than benefits. Heat damages your hair and the effect of straightening in just momentary. Chemical products harm your hair and you can’t stop using the product or the effect will completely disappear leaving you with burned, dried, lifeless hair. However, using home remedies with natural ingredients will not only help safe some cash but they will also have better results, take care of your hair health and the effect last longer.

Brushing Your Hair
After washing your hair, you need to brush it. Then, just let it dry and brush every five minutes. Doing this while you straighten your hair will keep it straightened for longer periods of time once it dries. It is possible to do this process in front of a fan but you can’t stop brushing. If you stop brushing it, the fan will dry your hair before it is completely straightened and you will have to start the process again which is not recommended for both, you and your hair health.

Wrap Your Wet Hair Tightly
After washing your hair, divide it to the exact center and brush the left part over your heir toward the right part of your hair. Brush all your hair to the back of your head and secure it with bobby pins. The rest of hair right section should be flipped to the left side of your head and also secured with bobby pins. For reducing frizz, you can wrap it with a silk scarf. Finally just let it dry.

Rolling Your Hair
For this process you will need to roll your wet hair with bid rolls like the size of a soda can, and secure them tight to your skull. Then, just let it dry. If it is not completely dried, a little moisture can make the curls or waves come back.

Overnight Hair Hands
Divide your wet hair into two pony tails. Secure them with soft hair bands and put other hair bands every inch along the pony tails so each one is held together. The hair bands should not be too tight or they will leave a mark on your hair. Finally, just go to sleep and remove the bands in the morning.
These are very simple ways to straighten your hair without any chemical products or heat that will only harm your hair.