Effective and Safe Ways To Naturally Reduce Labor Pain

            During labor, there variety of medicine women can take is very limited, especially if the there is risk involved in the pregnancy. Additionally, there are people that prefer not to take any medication that could affect the state of the baby. This is why most women look for Natural Ways to Easy Labor Pain. In this article, we have put together some homemade remedies and technique that will help you about taking medication for the pain during labor. This recipes and methods are easy to come by with ingredients and items found in your home.

Hot Water

            There are a lot of benefits that immersion it hot water during pregnancy offers. It helps not only to ease pain but it also provides relaxation and comfort. During the first stage of labor, highly reduce epidural/spinal analgesia requirement and greatly reduces pain without any effect in the duration of labor, neonatal wellbeing or operative delivery rates. Getting into bath as soon as the first stage is reached helps you to work with gravity and creates buoyancy. It also ensures that the labor doesn’t stall. There are a lot of benefits for this method this is why it is highly recommended.

Changing Position

            Being uncomfortable during labor indirectly produces a lot pain since it lowers the pain tolerance. Lying flat on your back is the worst position and the next worst is semi-reclining. We cannot be more emphatic in the fact that mobility is very important. You need to change position during labour, especially, because you want to be working with gravity. It is important to take and upward forward leaning position since the way the uterus contracts is forward. This means that the best idea is to work with your body as it looks for changing position making the process more efficient and effective as it eases the pain.


            It is not necessary for you to be a professional in order to offer the laboring woman a massage. Nurture loving strokes and massage will definitely help easing the pain. The benefits of Massages during labor include not only reduced pain but also lower anxiety, enhanced mood, and it even has beneficial effects in post natal depression. If the massage is performed by the partner, the whole labor experience is benefited. These massages helps the body of the laboring woman to produce endorphins which work as natural pain killers and they can be applied in the lower back, the shoulders,  head, feet, legs and hands.

There are other non-pharmaceutical options for relieving pain. For example, a nice and nurturing environment can help to reduce anxiety and stress which translates into less pain. Another option is having heat packs near-handed since, when applied on the lower back, and other parts of the body, it helps to relax easing the pain. In addition, it is very important for the laboring woman to be hydrated during this important process and she also need to eat if she is hungry.