10 Things Every Traveler Should Know Before Going to Zambia

Travelling is a lot of fun and people who can afford to travel to a different place once or twice a year should consider themselves lucky. To be able to roam different spots on earth, sightseeing, learning about new cultures and art is a blessing.

Whenever you set aside a budget or plan a trip somewhere on earth the logical thing to do is at least familiarize yourself, to an extent, about that place you are visiting. This way you learn basics that can be of great help on your trip. Finding out important facts about countries or regions of it may save your life at one point. It is always a good idea to plan and to have certain things laid out in case you need anything in an emergency.

Being familiar with the currency, availability of hospitals, special medications you might need, police and other types of protection are all important things a smart traveler should research before jumping aboard a plane and flying halfway across the earth. These things are often overlooked and when that happens a lot of problems come to the surface.

To share a few things about the destination we have as a topic today, and to give you some pointers we have compiled a list of things you need to know about Zambia before you decide to go. You can also visit zambiantelegraph.com and broaden your research.

1. Beauty

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Zambia, like many other African countries, gets a lot of bad publicity. The reasons are probably known to you by now, but you should disregard that because Zambia is gorgeous. It has a lot of breathtaking places and with a proper guide, there is no way that you will miss any of those sights.

2. Zambian fair

Zambia is known for its fairs and carnivals and it is something that locals enjoy. It always brings a lot of attraction by tourists and media and it truly is a sight to behold. If you are there when this happens make sure you go and check it out.

3. Religious country

Many don’t know this but Zambia is a religiously free country. Thanks to the data we have collected we can inform you that 95.5% of the country’s population is Christian while 2.7% are Muslim religion with some Hindus, Baha’is, Buddhists, Jews, and Sikhs. Rest belongs to other belief systems including Zambia’s indigenous religion and witchcraft.

4. Witchcraft country

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Since we already mentioned it above it is only fair to give it special attention. If you didn’t know Zambia has a long history of dark arts and witchcraft. What is even more interesting is that their National museum has a dedicated expose which revolves around this part of their religion and heritage.

5. Safari

There is no one here that doesn’t instantly think about safari whenever you mention Africa. Vast lands that are plain and clear hold many of the species that are indigenous to this country. Seeing lions, elephants, giraffes, gazelles, hyenas and other animals is awesome especially when you can get modestly close to them. When you combine information that 30% of their land is dedicated to wildlife, with 20 national parks and 34 game management parks you can see why this is such a big deal in Zambia.

6. Nightlife

Despite the popular opinion, Zambia has a nightlife and a good one for that matter. Zambians are such friendly people and going out and meeting them is a whole other story. There are plenty of bars and restaurants, foods and drinks are good and this is pretty much everything you need to have a good time anywhere, let alone Zambia.

7. Residents

Source: discoverafrica.com

People in Zambia are awesome. Zambia has 72 ethnic groups and most of them are Bantu-speaking. They also have ethnolinguistic groups and 90% of the population fall into some of the main groups like Bemba, Tonga, Tumbuka, Kaonde, Nkoya and others. What is interesting to know is the fact that in Zambia there are thriving communities that are predominantly Indian and Chinese but there is a great jump in communities that are European “settlers”. This mix in population and cultures makes Zambia a real gem that is worth going to.

8. Victoria Falls

To those that didn’t know Zambia is host to the largest waterfall on the entire earth. It is located on the Zambezi River and it is forming a border between Zambezi and Zimbabwe. Zambezi River is a relatively calm one but the wide, basalt cliff and a few gorges along the way transform the Zambezi into a ferocious thing.

9. Termite hills

Another thing that the Zambezi doesn’t lack is beauty in a form of termite hills. We know that termites as bugs do not call to admire most of us but ant hills in the Zambezi are a sight to behold. These structures are so intricate and so nice that you could easily mistake them for something human-made.

10. Bats

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Bats aren’t something to be admired, especially after this horrendous two-year pandemic that originated from an eaten bat or something along those lines. What we are telling you to see, if you can, is the largest fruit bat migration. With 10 million fruit bats migrating this will be the largest mammal migration you will ever see in your life. And it is the largest mammal migration in the entire world. These are sights to behold and you shouldn’t miss them if you get the opportunity.

After all, said and done we believe that this country is so underrated and so under-visited. Because of the problems this country has in general most of us tend to steer clear from it. If you get the chance, try and set aside your fears and issues with Africa in general and visit the Zambezi first. We told you what you can see and where to see it, we also advised a few things, that are important when travelling, at the beginning of this article which is why you shouldn’t have any problems visiting this part of the world.

Happy travels and tell us how your trip went! We know you won’t regret it!