Gin-Tonic Can Help Remedy Kidney Stones, Kidney Disease and Strengthen Urinary Tract against Infection

The gin tonic benefits for our health have been known since the mid-seventeenth century, thanks to a Dutch physician, who sought to remedy diseases related to blood circulation and kidney diseases through the properties of juniper berries that were rich in potassium in addition to diuretics. This research resulted in the invention of gin, which as you imagine will take very little time to go from being a drug to a drink present in all bars, although it was not until the nineteenth century when the gin-tonic was finally born when the gin with another medication; the tonic, which was used to remedy malaria.

Lately, gin has become very popular in bars and restaurant menus, it is a drink that can be accompanied by different ingredients and contain numerous benefits for our body.

Now, not only wine is the only alcoholic beverage that we can drink without remorse, also gin can be a very good option.

Here we share some benefits you can have when drinking this drink.

Low in Calories

There is no better benefit than this, well, for those who are looking for a drink that does not sabotage their healthy eating plan. The gin may be perfect for not stop drinking alcohol, but with the assurance that you will not get as many calories as a beer or a glass of rum.

If you are on a plan to lose weight, gin can be very good allied for its low caloric content. In addition, it contains enzymes that help digestion.

Contains Antioxidants

One of the many spices of the gin is the juniper berry, which is full of antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals, which are the groups of atoms that help the aging of the body and the formation of cancer in the body.

It’s Good For Your Kidneys

It is good for your urinary tract because it is diuretic and stimulates the drainage of the kidneys.


Because we often get used to self-medicate, we have to drink enough water to compensate for the gin’s alcohol.

It Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Since ancient times, macerated raisins were used to treat ailments such as arthritis. As these are part of the ingredients of gin, its anti-inflammatory properties become a benefit of this drink. 

It Is Digestive and Relieves Stomach Pains

Although the usual thing in Spain is to take it at night, in England it is taken as an aperitif or right after the meal. And is that the gin-tonic in addition to facilitating digestion relieves stomach pains and makes the feeling of heaviness disappear after a hearty meal.

Provides Fewer Calories than Other Alcoholic Beverages

If you are dieting, you are in luck. You should know that in addition to providing fewer calories than other alcoholic beverages, gin and tonic has no fat or cholesterol. With that, do not feel guilty if you take a drink of your favorite drink once in a while. Of course, only mixed with tonic, because with other sweeter drinks, calories increase considerably.

Improves the Character and Clears the Mind

Obviously, going out for a drink with friends always helps to disconnect from the routine, but if we also take a gin tonic, even more. And it is that besides improving the mood, it helps us to forget about worries for a while