How To Stick To A Keto Diet While On Vacation – 2024 Guide

Following a strict diet plan is a challenge on its own, but imagine doing it when you’re on vacation. It gets even harder!

Keto diet is one of the most common diets nowadays for men and women. It is a bit strict, so it can be hard staying on track and counting your macros. However, if you want to stay persistent and you need our advice, keep on reading and find out how easy it is to follow a diet with these 8 tips and tricks!

Top 8 Tips That Wil Help You Stay On Keto When On Vacation

Do your research beforehand


Where are you headed? Is your destination (the town as well as the hotel) known for their food variety? Try and check out the menu of your hotel online, and check out most nearby restaurants. This preparation will help you determine where you’ll eat most of your meals without wasting your time. This way, you will enjoy your trip and you will spend most of your spare time with your loved ones!

PS: You could also scout for a farmer’s market nearby since you can pick up your own budget-friendly food. You should do this step if you are someone who loves to cook their own meals.

Always ask for a keto menu


If you end up walking into a restaurant that you haven’t checked out online before, make sure to ask the waiter for their keto-friendly menu, or any keto foods. A lot of places have specialized menus nowadays since people worldwide often have and complain about their low tolerance toward sugar, gluten, soy, etc. If you are not too sure what you should eat when on keto, or what you should order from a restaurant, have no worries! You can check out your specialized and customizable plan, just click here!

Eat before your trip


You should eat low-carb foods before you head out. Eat your favorite meals before you are in the air, in the car, or on the bus. The worst thing is getting hungry at the airport and not having the right foods to eat. Eat well before you head out and your stomach will thank you! Also, you will save a lot of money since the airport and plane food is quite pricey, as you probably know.

If you plan on traveling by car or a bus you won’t have such a hard time since you can grab a snack or take a mini-break and enjoy your mealtime.

Meal prep


Always be in control of your food, and over your meals. Try to meal-prep as much as you can. You can bring your own favorite food items, as well as ingredients on the road. Are you able to access the stove, as well as the kitchen? If so, you can prepare beforehand and bring your much-loved and needed ingredients and food items with you. This is also way easier if you are traveling in a car since most planes have strict food policies, which may intertwine with your plans.

Navigate the menu


Once you’re at a restaurant, try to navigate and customize your menu if there are no keto-friendly choices. Tweak some food items and cut off carbs. For instance, ask the waiter for fish or chicken, but go for a keto-friendly side dish instead of just having their fries or potatoes. Always ask for grilled veggies, broccoli, or an un-seasoned salad. There are always foods that you can eat as side-dishes if the main course can’t be customized per your preference.

Be smart with alcoholic beverages


We all love to drink when on holiday, right? However, you should know which beverages are safe to drink, and which ones are an absolute no-no.

For instance, a glass of pinot noir has only four grams of carbs. You could also drink a glass of champagne since it only has one gram of carbs.

If you’re in the mood for something heavy, go for gin and soda rather than a gin and tonic. You can also have a diet soda with these liquors, whichever one you prefer more!

Bring snacks with you


We all love to snack when chilling by the pool or if we are out for an adventure. This is why you should bring your own keto-friendly snacks with you. When you’re out of the hotel for hours, and especially once you’re high in the air, it is imperative to prepare the right meals. Think about bringing jerky, parmesan cheese crisps, as well as any crisps that have no sugar or salt in them. You can also purchase these snacks at the nearby markets, just make sure to double-check their labels since you never know with foreign foods or un-listed labels.

Drink the right coffee


Last but not least, you should drink your own and favorite coffee! If you’ve ever had MCT oil before, you probably know how delicious it can be. MCT oil or coconut oils are great keto hacks and keto coffees. Just add healthy fats to your coffee and your stomach will love it (and so will you). Most places don’t have these oils or keto-friendly coffees, unfortunately. This is why you should bring your own oil with you.

If all else fails or you forget to bring the oil with you, purchase healthy protein bars since these will keep you in ketosis and you won’t starve.

Ready to travel?


And now you’re ready to hit the road! With these top 8 simple tips and tricks, your body will stay in ketosis, and you will still have a blast on your little getaway! If you are a keto newbie, don’t worry, since following a diet doesn’t have to be as strict or as challenging. You will still have fun, no matter where you go. Just follow these eight tips, and let us know how did the process & the vacation go. We would love to know!