Heres An App To Get All Info On Election Candidates and Parties – Karnataka Elections 2018

Mr. Sanjiv Kumar, chief electoral officer of Karnataka has announced the launch of a new app that gives information about various parties standing for election and queries regarding their status are also ensure through this app.

This app can be downloaded directly from Google app store. One has to type ‘Chunavna’ and just press on install and open it. Then it will be ready for use. As all of know that the election season is here, this app will be very helpful in knowing about the various participant of different constituencies and their current status. In this app, two new features have been reloaded and they are named as EPIC and GIS. These two features will prove to be very beneficial because the GIS system clearly show shows the number of polling station, for example 5,69,666 polling stations etcetera. It also shows the number of participants and also the current disposition of each such stations without delay.

The feature EPIC is the most useful in the app because this helps in locating the poll, that is it gives a GPS guide or gives directions as to where to go to. Also, one can locate the nearest police stations and hospitals, for the benefit of the distressed. Anybody could fall sick or would want to report a crime can automatically be present there and use this app to know where are the nearest platforms for health and crime report without the dilemma of understanding, which work to do and what not. Both can be done at the same time. Contact details also have been provided for the following officers residing at police and health stations. Another benefit of this feature is that you can also pre-book wheelchairs for senior citizens and other facilities required by them.

This app has been developed to bring into notice how important voting is. One should never chose not to vote, but can chose to abstain, if they do not have any affiliation to any such parties. The case maybe ruled out and a new voting session will be set out. Thus this feature is giving away so many features to simplify the task of the citizens, so that they do not miss the session. It not only will work during sessions but also during other times to give current news.