Shocking and Strange Things That You See Only In Bangalore PGs

Living as a paying guest in metropolitan cities like Bengaluru is a common custom for many of the individuals who come to the city as working professionals or students. With a plethora of prospects the paying guest facility has surfaced quickly here as the majority of people at least for professionals, fresh graduates or job seekers prefer independence, safety and economy living which a PG can provide compared to a hostel, though the meaning of a paying guest nowadays has transformed into a somewhat hostel like living conditions where people live in groups or shared rooms.

Some well established PG’s also come with support staff to take care of your needs which make staying at such accommodations a hassle free affair but it may vary from place to place. Apart from these the other factors such as better power supply and access to clean water are major concerns for anyone planning to accommodate as a paying guest. However, choosing to live in a location without proper inspection and knowledge about its conditions may land one into numerous issues such as improper electricity or water supply, sufficient space and privacy, unhygienic conditions for living or maybe even an irritable property owner!

Nevertheless, most PG’s are already furnished with furniture, beds; chairs provide TV, air conditioner, geyser for hot water with paying additional expenses. Most PG’s are hygienic which offer daily service, maintenance and timely breakfast, lunch and dinner as one might prefer according to their time schedules.

Independence may not be high as compared to a rented living as most PG’s may not encourage bringing over friends for a night’s stay, or partying while those loathing to live in the same place where the landlord stays too might have to just take it with a pinch of salt and get used to it given the assistance and facility provided by some of them, whereas this angle might totally differ on the kind of landlord you might bump into or the nature of the PG itself.

Zolostays is a well know unisex PG located in Koramangala that offers good housing facilities at affordable costs, Uniworld situated in Electronics City suitable for IT professionals provide amazing facilities such as 24×7 security, LCD TV in each room, laundry service, cafeteria and lounge, gym, gaming zone, home theatre, party hall, yoga/aerobics/salsa classes, personal development workshops, sports facilities etc. at an extremely affordable and reasonable price. Among the some of the other places where one can find decent PG’s are on Sarjapura road, Jayanagar, JP Nagar and Whitefield.