Justin Trudeau’s Visit in India Looked Coldly Upon by Ministers!

Bangalore/Bengaluru – Were you aware that the Canadian Prime Minister is in the country for a week-long visit? Well, dignitaries like Trudeau draw in limelight for simple reasons. However, an overseas trip with family fails to be a massive headline. Infact, the big cheese has touched down the country more for a vacation instead of work-a-tion. Information reveals that his schedule includes just half-a-day of formal official engagements in the capital. The vacation is already reckoned as ‘unusual’ by Canadian top dogs and seasoned diplomats in the country. Many have stated that nature of this tour is highly unusual, considering that the diplomat has scheduled very little time for official engagements within the country, amongst the big guns.

Only six cabinet ministers are pairing up with Justin Trudeau for wrapping necessary work engagements. Prime Ministers of both countries will gather for a rendezvous on February 23rd in the capital. Post the meet, foreign minister Chrystia Freeland will catch up with Sushma Swaraj, our nations veteran external affairs minister.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is known for his generously warm hospitality and intriguing tweets was missed in the scene. Infact, it would be appropriate to address the trip as a low-key start. After landing in Delhi, the Prime Minister and his family was greeted and escorted by a junior minister. “High dignitaries in India giving a cold shoulder to the Canadian big gun” – this was how it was interpreted by many across the globe. Be it on occasions where prestigious ex-president of The United States dropped by or the lavish crowned prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan showed up in the country, Modi welcomed all with grace and warmth. This was repeatedly seen when dignitaries from the overseas visited India for work or leisure purpose. Remember, when Israeli big cheese Benjamin Netanyahu landed in the country? Exchange of hugs and an honorable welcome was ensured by our very own Prime Minister. The Q still keeps popping up – why such a no-greet, low-key welcome for the Canadian Prime Minister?

Despite Trudeau dwelling in the country since February 17th, Modi has failed to advocate a personal reception to the Prime Minister. Infact, he was still missing in the scene when Trudeau dropped by the Indian Prime Minister’s home state of Gujarat. While the limelight is on Modi for brushing off hospitality, other ministers were also spotted showing no efforts of greeting the Canadian Prime Minister. With a family of four, Trudeau spent his Sunday, soaking up the awe of one of the seven wonders in the world – The Taj Mahal. Although, situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh, the minister was not present to extend hospitality to the dignitary.

Much of Trudeau’s lukewarm reception could be a possible aftermath of his indulgence in the Sikh Independent Movement, better known as the Khalistan Movement. Are you versed about the movement? In a nutshell, it aims at seeking a separate homeland of Sikhs in the northern state of Punjab. Not to forget, Trudeau’s Liberal party largely depends on massive Sikh-Canadian vote banks. Supporting the Khalistan movement surely casted an impact, increasing sourness between the officials of two independent countries.