Huawei P20 – Date, price, Camera, Battery, Screen Size, Full Specifications and Features

Although the Huawei P20 cannot be consider the best smartphone of 2018, that category goes better with its improved sibling the P20 Pro, it is one of the best choice to get when it is compared to more expensive devices in the high end range.

But is it good enough to acquire this cell phone? If you let yourself guide by appearance, this smartphone presents a good finish in front and back. The front glass is smooth and at the rear part you can find an attractive colored glass in the design. All of the models are presented with iPhone similar curved edges and a fingerprint sensor below the screen. Speaker is at the bottom of the device and the volume and power buttons are on the right size. Nothing beyond extraordinary here, except for the nice package all of this is shown.

The Huawei P20 is ruled by an octa-core 2.4GHz HiSilicon Kirin 970 chip and it has a 4GB of RAM with a 128GB capacity of storage. The device is not provided with a micro SD slot separately, but as a dual-SIM card the second spot can be dedicated to a second SIM card or to a micro SD one to expand the cell phone’s memory.

The screen presented in the product is an IPS RGBW panel with a resolution of 1080×2244 pixels which allows the device to show color and brightness in a perfect combination and good quality. It is protected against dust and water, but it is not totally waterproof; you can take the phone out of the rain, but it is not advisable to drop in the toilet or any water pond (the phone may not survive this situation)

As an alternative to other high-end devices in the market, the P20 performs competitively. It is fast and responsive in the right way for all the device functions. For instance, the fingerprint sensor is really fast for responding as the face-unlock feature is. Another fast performance is the ultra-snapshot feature, which can be achieve by double tapping the volume-down key giving you a snapshot in just 0.3 seconds while being in standby.

Photos are good quality even in low light conditions, but they do not achieve a great status in sharpness and brightness. And video lies on the same quality. In this area, the device is a letdown.

The battery life is another characteristic worth the while in the machine. It can last at least 13 hours while watching a full-screen video on a loop with the screen brightness established settings and in the flight mode. In other words, the phone can work a whole full day on a moderate use; not a bad span time for a phone on this range, but not the best.

So if those unfavorable conditions presented in the P20 are not of your concern, you can acquire the device as soon as you want; but it is recommendable to go a look for the Huawei P20 Pro, if the budget is not trouble at all.